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Welcoming You to The Excerpt: Our New Publication

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We invite you to browse through a collection of excerpts from Cornell University Press books hand-selected for your reading pleasure by the marketing crew.

We’re posting these samples in our new Medium publication, The Excerpt. In case you haven’t heard of it, Medium is a website dedicated to sharing and spreading ideas and creativity. We jumped on board because we believe our diverse and brilliant authors deserve this kind of spotlight.

Each month we’ll add new content to The Excerpt. As we do, we hope you will find that the selected works exemplify the fresh, valuable insights that are so necessary in today’s changing world.

This month, in The Excerpt, you can read about a variety of issues, including the role of the wealthy elite in policy-making that is intentionally detrimental to communities of color or how alcohol and masculinity in the German armed forces impacted the Holocaust. Alternatively, dive into a thrilling novel surrounding the tragic events of September 11th, 2001, or read about how we need to change our diets to maintain sustainability and the foods we all love and need.

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*Featured image: yellow rectangle. Photo credit: Vlado Paunovic.

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