“War of Words” — Author John B. Hench Interviewed

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In an interview in the Worcester (Mass.) Telegram & Gazette published on 25 May, author John B. Hench discussed how his interest in collecting books and other materials on American culture and psychology that were printed during World War II led to researching the history of the wartime Overseas Editions and Transatlantic Editions and the writing of Books As Weapons, recently published by Cornell University Press.

“Over time,” reporter Pamela H. Sacks writes, “Hench himself amassed a collection of ephemera. The assemblage included ‘ration cards, pamphlets, that sort of thing — really home-front propaganda — and some books on subjects such as how to behave in wartime: how to give a party, what to write to your husband, to be wary of the charms of an attractive man who was 4-F but otherwise fit,’ [Hench] said with a laugh. As he sought interesting material, he ran across a copy of an Overseas Edition. It was completely new to him, and his interest was piqued. After some initial research, Hench realized he had a potential book in the making.”

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