University Presses Confront Piracy

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Dean J. Smith, Director of Cornell University Press, is among the scholarly publishing leaders quoted in the April 12, 2016 article “Online Piracy of Academic Materials Extends to Scholarly Books” in the Chronicle of Higher Education. On March 31, Peter Berkery, executive director of the Association of American University Presses, notified the association’s members that thousands of university press books had been pirated and made available on websites that also feature more than a million books pirated from trade publishers. The article is available to Chronicle subscribers only, but here is an excerpt:

“University presses have become aware in recent weeks that unauthorized copies of hundreds and, in some cases, thousands of their books are available on pirate websites, and officials are still struggling with how to respond. Several press leaders said they wanted to be sure any stance they take against piracy isn’t perceived as an attack on the open-access movement, which is gaining popularity among some academics and librarians. ‘Many of these books are our best sellers,’ said Dean J. Smith, director of Cornell University Press. ‘This is really painful to a university press.'”

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