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Today, we’re trying to change the world, just like we do every day here at CUP. Except for rather than one book at a time, we’re doing it one website at a time. Eighteen months ago, we sat down to conceive what a book website should be. How it should function. What we should provide for our visitors. Today, we’re launching it.

Our new website pushes content to the fore. The home page doesn’t look like any other book website we’ve ever seen. There’s barely an actual book to be found. Crazy? Maybe. We want to change how we interact with our visitors, how we portray our authors and their incredible books, and showcase the amazing things we do every day.

And you’ll still find our books! Browsing by subject, series, imprint, and more, is now even easier. Our new search functionality is—allow me to boast—incredible. (Thanks, Supadu, our website developers.) Start typing and books start popping up. Hit enter or search and you’ll get a list of books, with the option to also see all authors that fit that bill or any non-book content we’ve produced that matches your search terms, too.

Now back to the home page. Our venerable Sage House blog has been replaced. What you see on the home page is, for all intents and purposes, our new blog. With this new layout, we’ll have direct access for visitors to our podcasts and videos. We’ll feature third-party content written by or about our authors, too. And much more. We hope you’ll find yourself returning here quite a bit.

Our drop-down “hamburger” menu is quite limited. Books, About, Contact, Journals, and a Calendar are your only options. We want to make life simple for you. Books? Takes you to a browsing page. About? Lets you read all about us, but also find every resource you might need: author guidelines, sales reps, media info, rights stuff, and so on. The others? I think you get it.

There’s so much more for you to explore, and we encourage you to do so. But we understand if you just have to take a moment to pause and admire the dramatic look of the new design, too. (Thanks, Iron Design!)

Because this amazing, incredible, spectacular website is brand new, there will be some bugs to fix. We launched it knowing that not everything is quite right just yet, but we’re working on it every second to make it as close to perfect as possible. And we just couldn’t wait any longer to share it with you!


Martyn Beeny is the Marketing and Sales Director at CUP. This is the second time in three years he’s launched a new website at a UP; last time, he left just before it went live. This time he’s hoping to stick around long enough to actually use it.

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