The Breakup 2.0 in the London Review of Books

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In an amusing and insightful Short Cuts piece in the October 7, 2010, issue of the London Review of Books, Thomas Jones reflects on his reading of The Breakup 2.0: Disconnecting over New Media by Ilana Gershon. Here’s an excerpt:

“Gershon, who teaches communication and culture at Indiana University, used to begin one of her classes by asking the students to write down, without talking to one another, all the ‘rules’ they could think of for how to behave on a first date. The purpose of this was to demonstrate to them that ‘they are part of a community with shared and often unspoken expectations.’ But one day she couldn’t face going through the same old exercise yet again, so asked them instead: ‘What counts as a bad break-up?’ Expecting answers along the lines of ‘finding your girlfriend in bed with someone else,’ she was surprised when they all talked about the wrongness of dumping someone by text message, on Facebook or, in one case, by sending a friend to do the dirty work.”

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