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When you give to Cornell University Press—the first university press in the United States—you support our continuing efforts to publish exceptional books from acclaimed scholars across the globe.

This work helps change the world, bringing new ideas to the fore and expanding the boundaries of research and scholarship while offering solutions to global and local problems and issues.

Your support of us will truly help change the world and reinvent what a traditional university press is.

A Cornell book stimulates thinking otherwise. Our books help effect positive change in the world. We publish Cornell professors and graduates. Our books engage the community, near and far.

Advancing knowledge is not an inexpensive enterprise. Now more than ever we need your help in publishing the world’s leading scholarship. We’re working every day in Sage House to ensure the quality of our publications—the discovery, validation, communication, and preservation of reliable knowledge. We’ve increased our title output from 100 to 150 per year, our number of ebooks from 350 to 3,000, and published three new journals. Our existence relies on grants, subventions, and ancillary revenue streams.

Your support is one of those streams.

With your support, we will inspire future generations of scholars—the next Anna Comstock, Linus Pauling, Frank Rhodes, Carl Sagan, Barbara Kingsolver, Harold Bloom, Francis Fukuyama or A.R. Ammons. With your support, we will publish more books from first-time authors. With your support, we will help associate professors receive tenure through publication. With your support, we will digitize even more of our incredible backlist of 6,000 books ensuring more people have access to the words of our amazing authors.

Your support will keep us sustainable for another 150 years.

Give the gift of knowledge to the world.

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