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Stack and Save Sale: April 27 – 28

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It’s time to share. It’s time to get something back for all those Cornell University Press books you have hoarded over the years. It’s time to shout from the rooftops: this is how many CUP books I have and I’m proud of it. It’s time for us to reward you.

It’s time for the Stack and Save Sale!

What’s it all about? Well, the more Cornell University Press books you own, the more of a discount we’ll give to you so that you can add to that stack.

Share a photo of your stack of CUP books on social media or send it to us via email. We’ll count the total number and send you a special discount code as your reward.

  • Got 1 book? You get 42 percent off.
  • 2 books? Bump that discount to 45 percent.
  • 3 books and you’re rewarded with 48 percent off your next order.
  • 4 books? It’s getting rich in here. That’s 51 percent off.
  • 5 books and it’s starting to get crazy – 54 percent off.
  • 6 books and you are barely paying anything for your next fantastic Cornell book with a 57 percent discount.
  • But if you are truly an aficionado of our fine authors and books and you have 7 or more books that you can stack, photograph, and share, then we’re all in with a 60 percent discount for you to use.

All of this sharing and earning, stacking and saving is happening on two days: Wednesday, April 27 and Thursday, April 28. During those 48 hours, you share your photo with us and/or the world. We’ll keep an eye on the thousands of posts we expect and we’ll count your books. As soon as we process it, the code will come your way. You’ll have until May 10 to use your Stack and Save discount.

So, to remind you:

  1. Wednesday, April 27 and Thursday, April 28
  2. Stack your Cornell University Press (and imprints) books
  3. Take a photo
  4. Post on social and tag with @CornellPress #StackAndSave, or
  5. Send us the photo via email to
  6. We’ll send you a special discount code via DM on social or to your email
  7. You have until May 10 to use your Stack and Save discount on your next order

This sale is only applicable to books in print, for orders in the US. The sale does not include books published by Leuven University Press.

Excited? We are. Stack and save. Stack and save. Scour your shelves. Look down the side of the sofa. Unpack the box of books you never unpacked after you last moved. The more CUP books you have the more money you save.

Remember, stack and save!

See you then.

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