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Socktober: Pair Up with a Good Book this Fall!

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The sun is beginning to set on summer, and it’s time to shed our Birkenstocks for boots, and our sweet summer for a fresh fall season. I’ve already picked out my autumnal tea selection, lined up a few good books and, yes, I’ve listened to The Monster Mash more than once. How else do you get excited for Fall?

At Sage House, we’re ready to settle in for a quieter, cozier season, as the house starts to radiate warmth. With a (non-working) decorative fireplace on each floor of the building, our homey offices beg us to pull up an antique upholstered chair, roll out some fur rugs, don a turtleneck and slippers, seek out a long-haired cat for cuddling, and of course, pick up a good book.

And while we certainly dream of doing these things, often there are no available fur rugs, extra sets of slippers, or unclaimed cats lying around, which is why we had to find a more accessible way to cozy up with some of our new books. Just as we were looking for an answer, a new pair of socks appeared on each of our desks—an invitation to settle in with CUP—and they were cute to boot.

Because we want to share the warmth this Fall with you, we’re celebrating Socktober! Whether you need extra motivation to get reading this season, or just want to join us in our pursuit of the most stylish sock, Socktober is a celebration you can be a part of. During October, order from our website and you will receive a complimentary pair of Cornell University Press socks along with your book purchase, while supplies last.

With a sweet reading spot and a perfect pair of socks, I don’t know about you, but there’s no reading we can’t do. Order on our website today!

Sarah Noell is a Marketing Assistant at Cornell University Press, her favorite pie is pumpkin and her favorite tree is apple.

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