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The United States in the World

Series Editor(s)

Series Editors: Benjamin A. Coates, Emily Conroy-Krutz, Paul A. Kramer, and Judy Tzu-Chun Wu

Founding Series Editors: Mark Philip Bradley and Paul A. Kramer

Acquiring Editor

Sarah Grossman

Founded in 2006 as the first series dedicated to histories of the US in the world, this series has played a key role in promoting transnational approaches to US history, bringing the United States more fully into global history, and broadening historians’ understanding of US foreign relations.

Taken together, books in this series highlight the operation, contestation, and transformation of US power across time and space. They investigate the imperial, diplomatic, international, and transnational histories of social movements, organizations, and states. The works explore people, ideas, processes, and events that cross national boundaries, from the antebellum period through the present.

The series welcomes books that integrate the methodologies of transnational, international and foreign relations history, particularly the use of domestic and international archives and multilingual sources.

Cornell University Press and the series editors invite proposals and projects by both established and emerging scholars working on all regions of the world.

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