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The Liberty Hyde Bailey Library

Series Editor(s)

John Linstrom

Acquiring Editor

Kitty Liu

The Liberty Hyde Bailey Library reintroduces the incredibly wide-ranging literary corpus of naturist, philosopher, gardener, and poet Liberty Hyde Bailey (1858-1954) to a twenty-first-century audience. Including affordable, modern, and authoritative editions of Bailey’s essential writings, scholarly works offering fresh appraisals of Bailey’s legacy, and an open-source digital platform and archive to promote the study and teaching of Bailey’s work, the series will provide the best primary and secondary material available on this influential New Agrarian prophet and environmental movement-maker. Reading through the Liberty Hyde Bailey Library opens the door not only to understanding one of the most interesting minds at work in the early twentieth century, but also to the larger, complex history of early environmental thought in America.

Robert Dirig, Former Assistant Curator of the Liberty Hyde Bailey Hortorium Herbarium (1980-2008), Cornell University
Scott J. Peters, Professor of Development Sociology, Cornell University
Daniel Wayne Rinn, Independent Scholar (PhD in History from the University of Rochester)
Mary Swander, Distinguished Professor of English, Emerita, Iowa State University, and former Poet Laureate of Iowa
Paul B. Thompson, W. K. Kellogg Chair in Agricultural, Food and Community Ethics, Michigan State University
In memoriam – Jane L. Taylor, Founding Curator of the Michigan 4-H Children’s Garden, Michigan State University

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