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Publicly Engaged Scholars: Identities, Purposes, Practices

Series Editor(s)

Please send proposals for projects to be considered for inclusion in the series to all three series editors:
Anna Sims Bartel, Debra Ann Castillo, Scott Peters

For information on submitting a proposal, please visit this webpage.

Acquiring Editor

Mahinder Kingra

This series will illuminate critical emerging dynamics within publicly engaged scholarship. We encourage universities and individual scholars across the disciplinary spectrum to understand how intellectual, scientific, artistic, and pedagogical work can effectively contribute to achieving greater diversity, equity, and inclusion in a participatory democratic culture. Books in this series invite attention to the expression of scholars’ full humanity, in and through their engaged teaching and research. They examine not just ideas, theories, histories, and philosophies, but also scholars’ experiences and situational labor as civic and cultural agents with others beyond the academy. The series will speak to a diverse readership of scholars, students, administrators, policymakers, and members of the public about the multidimensional significance and value of publicly engaged scholarship. It sets the leading edge in a newly emerging literature by rigorously attending to risks, dilemmas, and challenges, both contemporary and historical, as well as breakthroughs, innovations, and imaginative possibilities of a robust contemporary public scholarship.

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