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Police/Worlds: Studies in Security, Crime, and Governance

Series Editor(s)

Kevin Karpiak, Sameena Mulla, William Garriott, Ilana Feldman

Acquiring Editor

Jim Lance

Police/Worlds is dedicated to publishing innovative ethnographic scholarship that illuminates the contemporary practices and contexts of policing. Policing today encompasses a wide array of world-making practices, from the activities of official state forces to the everyday lives of those who are policed. Policing is central to concerns over crime and security, as well as the cultural forms that sustain them. Books in the series will underscore the broad reach of policing, while also highlighting how it constitutes a distinctive art of governance specific to the contemporary age. We seek books from scholars in anthropology, sociology, geography, history and allied disciplines that expand our understanding of policing and its relationship to security, crime, and governance.

Topics of interest include: Cultures and histories of policing; Everyday lives of the policed; Non-state forms of policing and counter policing; Surveillance and counter surveillance; Police, media, and technology; Gender, sexuality and policing; Health, the body and policing; Crime and crime control; Punishment, penality, and the carceral state; Policing and security assemblages; Institutional practices of policing

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