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Corpus Juris: The Humanities in Politics and Law

Series Editor(s)

Series Editor: Elizabeth S. Anker

Acquiring Editor

Mahinder Kingra

Books in the series Corpus Juris explore the relevance of the humanities—history, literary criticism, anthropology, philosophy, religious studies, and political theory—to the study of politics and law, focusing on historical, as well as contemporary, issues.

Legal theorists have long debated the extent to which the study of law requires dialogue with other disciplines. Is law closed and self-contained? Or must its history as well as contemporary practice be examined through the lenses of other fields and perspectives? Corpus Juris publishes scholarship that explores the intersections between law, politics, and the humanities—including history, literary criticism, anthropology, philosophy, religious studies, and political theory. Our goal is to multiply the interdisciplinary junctures and conversations that shape the study of law. We aim to publish cutting-edge scholarship that not only tackles new or under-analyzed issues in politics and law but also develops innovative methods to undertake those inquiries. Corpus Juris seeks to reflect the excitement and creativity that characterizes emerging interdisciplinary research in law, politics, and the humanities.

Editorial Board: Jason Frank, Department of Government, Cornell University; Aziz Rana, Cornell Law School; Camille Robcis, Department of History, Columbia University; Nelson Tebbe, Cornell Law School; Chantal Thomas, Cornell Law School

Email submissions to Mahinder Kingra. Please indicate CORPUS JURIS in the subject line.

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