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Cornell Series in Environmental Education

Series Editor(s)

Marianne E. Krasny

Acquiring Editor

Kitty Liu

Environmental education is an eclectic set of pedagogical practices that attempt not only to change individual behaviors, but also to foster collective action, lifelong civic engagement, positive youth development, school achievement, and healthy individuals and communities. Because it addresses “wicked problems”—problems for which there is no single solution, such as the sustainability crisis or how to change deeply ingrained personal or cultural habits—the field benefits from exchanges among scholars and practitioners that lead to ongoing innovations in both theory and praxis.

Cornell Series in Environmental Education integrates research and practical experience to address key challenges facing environmental educators including: how to conduct programs in cities, how to address climate change at the local and global level, and how to build a theory of change given multiple educational outcomes. Books in the series also use environmental education as a focal point for exploring issues of social innovation and leveraging new teaching methods for the public good.

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