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Russian and Eurasian Studies book recommendations by Roger Haydon!

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This February 24-28, and for one week only, we are giving our readers the chance to visit our website and get any Russian and Eurasian Studies book for only $20.20 with promo code 09RUS2020. Ahead of the sale, we asked Executive Editor Roger Haydon about publishing in this field. Below is his response, together with a list of Russian and Eurasian Studies books you will not want to miss!

Cornell has a long tradition of publishing in Russian, East European, and Eurasian studies, and it’s a tradition I’m thrilled to continue. Russian and Soviet history is entwined with US experience across the 20th century, and that mutual fascination continues to affect our headlines today. But in the Anglosphere, we know all too little of the other superpower, the competitor, the twin. 

A new generation of scholars, with language skills I deeply envy, is rewriting how we understand everyday life and culture in Soviet times, about the massive and ongoing impact of Islam across Eurasia, about the conflicted post-communist politics of eastern Europe, about nationalist dynamics both in the USSR and in successor states, and any number of other hugely important topics. They’re doing exciting and intriguing work, and I want to see the best of it appear on the Cornell list.

Roger Haydon is Executive Editor at Cornell University Press: “I sponsor books in comparative politics and international relations, Asian and Slavic studies, security affairs, political economy, and humanitarian and human rights studies. I work with many authors based outside North America, and an increasing proportion of scholars in disciplines other than political science—especially in history, also sociology, anthropology, and geography. I look for the unconventional and the unexpected, I’m not keen on ‘normal science’ work. I seek authors who are consumed by new ways of thinking—and who can write strong and well-paced prose.”

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