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Royalty Information

The Royalty Department is responsible for distributing royalties statements and answering your questions. If you do not find the answer to your question in the information below, contact the Royalty Department directly via email.

Royalty Department FAQ

When can I expect my next royalty statement? Royalty statements for book sales from January 1, 2021 through December 31, 2021 were mailed the week of March 21, 2022. (This is considered to be 2022 income, and you will receive the 1099-MISC associated with those royalties in January 2023.)

My statement arrived, but there was no check enclosed. What should I do? Statements and checks are processed separately; you should expect to receive payment through your preferred method by the middle of April. If you haven’t received a check by April 15, please email  

I expected a royalty statement, but it never arrived. Whom should I contact? It’s possible that your statement was returned to our offices with an incorrect or incomplete address, or because of some other issue.Please send us an email at and we will see what we can do to help. 

I moved. Whom should I inform and how?
To update your address, please contact CU Press Address Changes or send a notice in the mail to:

Cornell University Press
Attention: Address Updates
512 East State Street
Ithaca, NY 14850

Who should I contact with royalty questions?
Although your editor remains your primary point of contact with CUP, you are welcome to contact the Royalty Department with any royalty related questions.

If I have a question about my contract, with whom should I speak?
Please contact your editor regarding questions about your contract.

I have not received a royalty statement or payment. How can I tell what may be the problem?
Royalty statements and royalty payments are issued based on the terms of your contract. If you have not received a royalty payment it may be because (1) there is no payment due for prior sales period (please check your statement), (2) you may have moved and not notified us of your new address, or (3) your royalty balance may not have reached the minimum payment threshold ($50). If you have specific questions, please contact the Royalty Department.
Please note: The payments are sent out by the Cornell University payment office. They do not mail the statements with the payments. Statements are mailed separately and will usually be received before the payment.

Can someone explain my royalty statement to me?
Please review the Explanation of Royalty Statements below. If you have additional questions, please contact the Royalty Department.

How are royalty payments made?
You can indicate your preferred method of payment: check or direct deposit. Please see the Direct Deposit Form for eligible countries and currencies. CUP encourages you to use direct deposit as it is safe, secure, and provides quicker access to your royalty earnings.

What if my royalty check is lost or expired?
Please contact the Royalty Department and we will reissue your check. Enrolling in direct deposit eliminates the possibility of lost payments and results in quicker access to your royalty earnings. Learn more about direct deposit here.

My author account is set up for direct deposit. How long does it typically take for the funds to appear in my bank account?
Direct deposit, which provides an efficient way to get your royalties to you, can take up to five days to post.

I never received or lost my 1099-MISC or 1042-S from CUP. How do I get another copy?
Please contact the Cornell University tax office.

I represent the estate of a deceased author; how do I make arrangements for payment to be redirected?
Please contact the Royalty Department and we will provide you with a list of the required documentation needed.

Explanation of Royalty Statement

Your royalty statement will be issued periodically based upon your contract with CUP. It covers all your earnings from print books, eBooks, and rights licensing (including audiobooks and translations) for all your CUP titles.

The information below will answer many questions you have regarding your statement. Of course, if you have additional questions, you are always welcome to email our Royalty Department.

Your Account Number
An internal reference number unique to your account is shown on your statement. Please include this account number whenever you contact us. This will enable you to trace payment details more quickly, and it will help ensure your privacy.

Your Royalty Statement Has Three Parts:

1) The Statement Summary
This is a summary listing of your Cornell UP books (divided into formats [CLOTH, PAPER (if available), PDF EBOOK & EPUB EBOOK]) that had sales activity in the last calendar year. This summary will show the following:

  • Balance Carried Forward – any amount (positive or negative) carried over from prior calendar year
  • Total Royalties from Sales – during the calendar year January through December for the most recent full calendar year
  • Total Other Earnings & Deductions – for sub rights/permissions income or other income received and due you or deductions because of returns or corrections (shown as a negative)
  • Total Royalty Earned – Calculation to add the Total Royalties from Sales plus Total Other Earnings and Deductions
  • Amount Applied Against Advance(s)
  • Total Royalty Due – Calculation of the Total Royalty Earned less any Amount Applied Against Advance(s)
  • Taxes Withheld – this amount will be zero as the taxes withheld will be reflected on the check/payment, not the statement.

2) The Summary by Contract
This is a summary listing the overall amount CUP is paying you for each of the contracts we have with you that had activity in the last calendar year. A contract may include more than one physical product (for example, one contract might include a book that is available in both paperback and hardback). Each contract has a unique reference number that you will see referred to on your statement beginning with “CP”. If you ever need to contact us with questions, please use this reference number (as well as your account number) to identify the specific item(s) you have questions about.
Please note on each set of royalty statements, we include a contract on the statement only if its products had sales or returns in the current accounting period, or if there were negative amounts carried forward from previous royalty periods (money still owing to CUP). If you have a contract with a negative balance owing, you will see zeros on the Statement Summary. You can find details of the exact amount still owing (if applicable) on the Statement Detail pages.

3) Activity Detail page(s)
Here we report detailed transactions during the accounting period for each product covered by your contract(s) with us. In most cases, related products are grouped together (for example, the same book available in different formats, and books with multiple editions).
Sales Activity: For each published ISBN, we list sales by category (market/channel). All sales cited are net of (include) any returns we received over the period covered by the royalty statement.

Other Earnings & Deductions: For each contract, we also list any revenue received in the royalty period for licensing activities. The most common licensing activities include translations, audiobooks, and English-language reprint deals.

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