Robert Snyder on NY1 and in a Cornwall Conversation

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Robert Snyder, author of Crossing Broadway: Washington Heights and the Promise of New York City, recently appeared on NY1: Author Talks History of Washington Heights.

Snyder will also be speaking at Rutgers University Newark on February 18—details appear below.

The Joseph C. Cornwall Center for Metropolitan Studies

“New York’s Bittersweet Recovery from the Urban Crisis”

A conversation with Robert W. Snyder and Roland V. Anglin

Wednesday, February 18, 2015• 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Dana Room, John Cotton Dana Library, Room 404

185 University Avenue, Newark, NJ  07102

How did New York City emerge from the crime and decay of the urban crisis?

Robert W. Snyder, Rutgers University-Newark associate professor and author of Crossing Broadway: Washington Heights and the Promise of New York City, argues that community activists who learned to cross racial and ethnic lines played vital roles in restoring order and vitality to upper Manhattan, only to see their work threatened by growing economic inequality.

Join him and Roland Anglin, director, Joseph C. Cornwall Center for Metropolitan Studies, Rutgers University-Newark, in a conversation about what cities can learn from the revival of Washington Heights in upper Manhattan— a neighborhood formerly known for its German Jews that is now the home of the largest Dominican community in the United States.

Topics to be explored will include:

Improving police-community relations in a neighborhood once wracked by drug-related murders and the slayings of police officers.

The strengths and limits of community activism in housing and economic development.

The role of the arts and media in the revival of Washington Heights.

Free Admission


Seating is limited and registration is required.

Register for this event by Monday, February 16th.

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