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Library Journal gave this glowing review to Queen of Vaudeville: The Story of Eva Tanguay by Andrew L. Erdman

“As Erdman tells it, at the dawn of the 20th century the name Eva Tanguay was as famous to the legions of vaudeville fans as the name Madonna is to music fans in the 21st century, yet outside of a handful of theater scholars and social historians Tanguay’s name is almost completely forgotten. The “I Don’t Care Girl” to Madonna’s “Material Girl,” Tanguay was the highest-paid and most outrageous star of vaudeville’s golden age, able to flout the sexual and social conventions of her day with nary a repercussion. The first personality star, Tanguay had a charisma and an intense presence that paved the way for generations of female performers, from Mae West to Lady Gaga. VERDICT Erdman has captured the radiant essence of a woman from a bygone era–wholly of her time, yet curiously modern–and her complex personality jumps from the page. Combining detailed historical research with a deftly entertaining writing style, this book will be of interest to anyone in theater history, women in entertainment, and cultural history.”

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