Prokofiev’s diaries in Bookforum

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In the Summer 2009 issue of Bookforum, Elizabeth Wilson reviews Diaries 1907–1914: Prodigious Youth and Diaries 1915–1923: Behind the Mask by Sergey Prokofiev, translated and edited by Anthony Phillips. Here is an excerpt:

“This visit [to Saint Petersburg] and the arduous journey across war-torn Europe are described in riveting detail in Prokofiev’s diaries, two substantial volumes of which are available in Anthony Phillips’s superb English translation. . . . Prokofiev’s diaries have nothing of the routine stamp; they are on occasion confessional but often resemble a series of sketches, like a novelist’s notes on people and events worth remembering. As Phillips explains in his insightful introduction, ‘The notion that both the exterior and interior circumstances of Prokofiev’s life were worthy of record took root early.'”

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