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Take a look at the awards received, publicity and media attention gained, author blog posts written, and the top-10 bestsellers from May 2022!


Steven Brady’s Chained to History: Slavery and US Foreign Relations to 1865 is winner of the 2022 Phillis Wheatley Book Award in the Historical-Academic (Non-fiction) Category.

Cynthia J. Cranford’s Home Care Fault Lines: Understanding Tensions and Creating Alliances, is winner of the John Porter Tradition of Excellence Book Award given by the Canadian Sociological Association

Andrew J. Stewart’s, A Vulnerable System: The History of Information Security in the Computer Age, has been inducted into the Cybersecurity Canon Hall of Fame given by the Cybersecurity Canon at Ohio State University

Kira Thurman’s Singing Like Germans: Black Musicians in the Land of Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms, is winner of the Marfield Prize National Award for Arts Writing given by the Arts Club of Washington

Vanessa Walker’s Principles in Power: Latin America and the Politics of U.S. Human Rights Diplomacy, is winner of the William M. LeoGrande Prize given by the School of Public Affairs and the Center for Latin American and Latino Studies at American University


The Washington Post featured The Mysterious Romance of Murder by David Lehman, calling it “deeply knowledgeable” and “a lot of fun”. The American Scholar published an essay by the author.

The Washington Post mentioned Singing Like Germans by Kira Thurman, citing the literary prize the book won in “Book Club.”

The Washington Post published an article by Sidney Tarrow, War, State, and Contention.

The Washington Post quoted Lance Compa, Unfair Advantage, in an article.

The Boston Review reviewed The Neomercantilists by Eric Helleiner along with the author’s other work in an extensive review.

Boston Globe mentioned Jeff Kosseff, The United States of Anonymous, in an article.

NPR featured the Peter Eisenstadt, Rochdale Village, on this episode of “Code Switch.”

NPR On Point featured Kate Cronin-Furman, Hypocrisy and Human Rights, on the podcast.

Kirkus Reviews reviewed Ploughshares and Swords by Jayita Sarkar, calling it “An engrossing, well-researched history of India’s nuclear ambitions.”

Sierra published an article about Lives of Weeds by John Cardina.

The Village Voice published a piece by Rafael Alvarez, Don’t Count Me Out.

Inside Higher Ed reviewed Anatomy of Torture by Ron Hassner.

The Page 99 Test reviewed The Nature of the Religious Right by Neall Pogue. Campaign for the American Reader reviewed the book.

The Page 99 Test reviewed All Options on the Table by Rachel Elizabeth Whitlark. 1869, The Cornell University Press Podcast interviewed the author.

Foreign Affairs published an article by Stacie Goddard, When Right Makes Might.

Foreign Affairs published an article by Tanisha Fazal, Wars of Law.

New Books Network interviewed Alice Dailey, How to Do Things With Dead People, about the book.

New Books Network interviewed Sarah G. Phillips, When There Was No Aid, about the book.

New Books Network interviewed Alice Dailey, How to Do Things With Dead People, about the book.

New Books Network interviewed John Cardina, Lives of Weeds, about the book.

New Books Network interviewed Yechiel Weizman, Unsettled Heritage, about the book.

New Books Network interviewed Elizabeth Oyler, Culture Imprints, about the book.

New Books Network interviewed Glynne Walley, translator of Eight Dogs, or “Hakkenden,” about the book.

Inside Lacrosse published several articles by Christian Sweezey, We Showed Baltimore.

Sir Richard Williams Foundation reviewed Flying Camelot by Michael W. Hankins, calling it “engaging and accessible.” Military Aviation Historyinterviewed the author.

Dehak published an email interview with Paul Gottfried, Antifascism.

Michigan War Studies Review reviewed Dying to Learn by Michael A. Hunzeker.

Michigan War Studies Review reviewed Desertion by Theodore McLauchlin, calling it a “deftly argued work.”

How Stuff Works mentioned Drunk on Genocide by Edward B. Westermann and quoted the author. Cybersecurity Canon presented the author the “2022 Canon Hall of Fame” award.

Publishing Perspectives listed Enduring Alliance by Timothy Andrews Sayle in a list of books related to the crisis in Ukraine.

Journal of Cold War Studies published an article by John Delury, Agents of Subversion.

World Wide Work Bulletin reviewed Twenty-Two Cents an Hour by Doug Crendell, calling it “exceptionally thoughtful.” AIB Network published an interview with the author.

Irish Central published an interview with Larry Kirwan, Rockaway Blue.

EH.Net reviewed Crafting the Movement by Jenny Jansson, calling it “a focused, interesting study.”

Teaching Military History published an article by Amy J. Rutenberg, Rough Draft.

Real Clear Defense reviewed Brutality in an Age of Human Rights by Brian Drohan.

Insight Myanmar Podcast discussed A Delicate Relationship by Kenton Clymer on the podcast.

Ancillary Review of Books reviewed Ideal Minds by Michael Trask, calling it “meticulous and clearly written.”

Combat Morale Podcast interviewed Grant T. Harward, Romania’s Holy War, on the podcast. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum mentioned the book in a virtual event.

Strategy Page reviewed Prevail until the Bitter End by Alexandra Lohse.

Cybersecurity Canon presented Andrew J. Stewart, A Vulnerable System, the “2022 Canon Hall of Fame” award.

The Lawfare Podcast interviewed Emily Meierding, The Oil Wars Myth.

CounterPunch published an article by Richard Drake, Charles Austin Beard.

The National Interest published an article by Paul Heer, Mr. X and the Pacific.         

Small Wars Journal reviewed Bullets Not Ballots by Jacqueline Hazelton.

Kalamazoo Collegepublished an article about The Politics of Imperial Memory in France by Christina Carroll. recommended Defining Boundaries in Al-Andalus by Janina Safran on their podcast.

Kent’s Kidney Stories interviewed Martha Gershun and John D. Lantos, Kidney to Share, on the podcast.

Boothbay Register published an article by Jeffery V. Wells and Allison Child Wells, Birds of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao.

Oregon Humanities interviewed Sarita Gupta, The Future We Need, about the book.

BMGN—Low Countries Historical Review reviewed Performing Power

Bryn Mawr Classical Review reviewed Julian and Christianity

Canadian-American Slavic Studies reviewed Nested Nationalism

Canadian-American Slavic Studies reviewed Polymaths of Islam

China Quarterly reviewed Collaborative Damage

Choice reviewed Love and Liberation

Choice reviewed The Pitfalls of Piety for Married Women

Contributions to the History of Concepts reviewed History, Metaphors, Fables

Economic Botany reviewed Lives of Weeds

English Historical Review reviewed World of Echo

H-Environ reviewed Oil Money

History Workshop Journal reviewed Mobilizing Japanese Youth

Human Rights Quarterly reviewed Lawmaking Under Pressure

International Journal reviewed Nuclear Reactions

International Journal reviewed The Neomercantilists

International Studies Review reviewed Lawmaking Under Pressure

Intertexts reviewed Lyric as Comedy

Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs reviewed The Virtuous Wehrmacht

Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs reviewed The Virtuous Wehrmacht

Japan Forum reviewed Mobilizing Japanese Youth

Journal of Asian Studies reviewed Recharging China in War and Revolution, 1882-1955

Journal of Family History reviewed Mobilizing Japanese Youth

Journal of International Humanitarian Legal Studies reviewed Lawmaking Under Pressure

Journal of Urban Affairs reviewed Repowering Cities

Modernism/modernity reviewed Behind the Times

New West Indian Guide reviewed Resisting Independence 

Pacific Affairs reviewed Mobilizing Japanese Youth

The Hudson River Valley Review reviewed Left in the Center

The Journal of Pacific History reviewed Pursuing Respect in the Cannibal Isles

Yearbook of Langland Studies reviewed World of Echo

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