Cornell University Press Monthly Round-Up

Cornell University Press: Monthly Roundup (February 2022)

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The Cornell University Press Marketing team compiled an informational summary of the most popular awards, publicity, journals, author blog posts, and bestsellers of February 2022. Take a look!


Madeleine Fairbairn’s Fields of Gold: Financing the Global Land Rush, is winner of the Geographies of Food and Agriculture Specialty Group Book Award given by the Geographies of Food and Agriculture Specialty Group of the American Association of Geographers

Thomas P. Hodge’s, Hunting Nature: Ivan Turgenev and the Organic World, is winner of the AATSEEL Book Prize in Literary Studies given by the American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages

Brad A. Jones’s Resisting Independence: Popular Loyalism in the Revolutionary British Atlantic, has won Honorable Mention for the Journal of the American Revolution Book of the Year Award


Library Journal reviewed The United States of Anonymous by Jeff Kosseff. Tech Dirt analyzed the author’s twitter feed. The Washington Post published an article mentioning the author.

Los Angeles Review of Books reviewed the Singing Like Germans by Kira Thurman.

The Guardian published an article co-written by the Michael Franczak, Global Inequality and American Foreign Policy in the 1970sJacobin published an article by Franczak about the military and climate action.

The Washington Post published an article by Susan Colbourn, Euromissiles.

The Washington Post published an article by Stacie E. Goddard, When Right Makes Might.

The New York Times published an article quoting John Delury, Agents of Subversion.

Foreign Policy included White World Order, Black Power Politics by Robert Vitalis as one of the “7 Books on Black History and Foreign Policy Everyone Should Read.”

Foreign Affairs published a review of Flying Camelot by Michael W. Hankins, calling it “a lively, absorbing account.” The Page 99 Test reviewed Flying Camelot by Michael W. Hankins. From Balloons to Drones interviewed the author on the podcast, reposted on Soundcloud and Spotify.

Foreign Affairs published an article co-written by Paul Poast, Arguing about Alliances.

Foreign Affairs published an article by Kelly M. Greenhill, Weapons of Mass Migration. 

Foreign Affairs reviewed Policing China by Suzanne E. Scoggins as a part of a roundup.

The Conversation published an article written by Joel Christensen, The Many-Minded Man.

The Conversation published an article by Julie L. Holcomb, Moral Commerce.

H-Diplo published a roundtable discussion on Fluid Jurisdictions by Nurfadzilah Yahaya. 

H-War reviewed The Costs of Conversation by Oriana Skylar Mastro, calling it “a must read.” 

Inside Higher Ed reviewed Possessed by Rebecca R. Falkoff. 

The London School of Economics and Political Science reviewed The Chinese Revolution on the Tibetan Frontier by Benno Weiner, calling it a “remarkable contribution.”

The National Tribune highlighted the Mariko Anno’s book talk, Piercing the Structure of Tradition.

Texas National Security Review reviewed Information Technology and Military Power by Jon R. Lindsay noting his “rich analytical framework” and “robust insights.”

Forward published an article that links to Unsettled Heritage by Yechiel Weizman.

Albany Times Union published an article by David N. Gellman, Liberty’s Chain.

New York Labor History Association reviewed Bridging the Divide by Jack Metzgar, calling it a “major achievement.”

Inside Lacrosse published an article by Christian Swezey, We Showed Baltimore.

Democrat & Chronicle published a short documentary about Your Children Are Very Greatly in Danger by Justin Murphy.City News published an article highlighting the author’s work and his forthcoming book. published an article, mentioning Larry Kirwan, Rockaway Blue.

SRB Podcast interviewed Stephen Crowley, Putin’s Labor Dilemma.

The Catholic World Report published an article that mentions Resurrecting Nagasaki by Chad R. Diehl.

Climate-XChange published an article by Danielle L. Eiseman discussing Our Changing MenuReader’s Favorite reviewed the book. 

The Society Pages highlighted a book talk and interview with Jelena Subotic, Yellow Star, Red Star.

YUNews reviewed Crossing Broadway by Robert W. Snyder.

Cornell Botanic Gardens hosted an event where Donald A. Rakow, Narture Rx, was a speaker. 

Ithaca Voice highlighted the Cornell Cinema calendar for spring, mentioning the David Lehman’s new book, The Mysterious Romance of Murder

Virginia Woolf Miscellany reviewed Behind the Times by Mary Jean Corbett.

Revista de Prensa republished an article from The Washington Post by Alexander B. Downes, Catastrophic Success. The Washington Post published an article by Alexander B. Downes.

Libertatea published an interview that mentions Romania’s Holy War by Grant T. Harward. Le Grand Continent published a review of the book. 

EuropeNow listed Love for Sale by Colleen Lucey as an editor’s pick for February 2022.

Midwest Book Review reviewed Kidney to Share by Martha Gershun and John D. Lantos, calling it “highly recommended.”

Criminal Law & Criminal Justice Books Review reviewed Hamilton and the Law by Lisa A. Tucker.

Asia Pacific Central Press Syndicate reviewed Unsettled Frontiers by Sango Mahanty. New Mandala published a reviewof the book.

VoguelinView reviewed Antifascism by Paul Gottfried calling it a “high-quality discussion.”

Buzzsprout interviewed Martha Gershun and John D. Lantos, Kidney to Share, on the podcastThe Faculty Lounge published a podcast from Taboo Trades Podcast.

Global Asia reviewed Time and Migration by Ken Chih-Yan Sun calling it “an important addition to the discipline.”

Modern Reformation reviewed American Catholic by D.G. Hartcalling the writing “lucid and engaging.”

Common Dreams published an article by Erica Smiley, The Future We Need.

New Books Network interviewed the Neil J. Diamant, Useful Bullshit, on the podcast.

New Books Network interviewed the Yajun Mo, Touring China, on the podcast.

New Books Network interviewed Joseph W. Ho, Developing Mission, on the podcast.

KPFA featured the Richard Schweid, discussing The Caring Class.

The Daily Yonder published an article about Vulnerable Communities edited by James J. Connolly, Dagney G. Faulk, and Emily J. Wornell.

Duke Today highlighted The Reagan Moment edited by Simon Miles and Jonathan R. Hunt. 

QWERTY Podcast published a conversation with Jessica DuLong, Saved at the Seawall.

Review 19 reviewed Disaffected by Tanya Agathocleous, calling it a “truly valuable resource.”

With Good Reason Radio featured Monika Gosin, The Racial Politics of Division, on the podcast.

Boothbay Register published an article by Jeffrey V. Wells and Allison Childs Wells, Birds of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao. 

Anthropologica reviewed Narkomania

Cahiers De Civilisation Méiévale reviewed The Medieval Economy of Salvation

Choice reviewed Lives of Weeds

Choice reviewed Possessed

Choice reviewed Snapshots of the Soul

Early American Literature reviewed No Useless Mouth

Early American Literature reviewed Thomas Cole’s Refrain 

Éléments reviewed Antifascism

Enterprise & Society reviewed Oil Money

Journal of Anthropology & Aging reviewed Rituals of Care 

Journal of Chinese Political Science reviewed The Costs of Conversation

Journal of Military and Political Sociology reviewed Strategies for Governing

Journal of the American Planning Association reviewed Black Lives and Spatial Matters

Modern Language Quarterly reviewed Unfelt

Monatshefte reviewed Precarious Times

Monatshefte reviewed The Case of Literature

Morman Studies Review reviewed Contingent Citizens

Neue Polit. Lit. Reviewed Objects of War

Neue Polit. Lit. Reviewed Violence as Usual

Pacific Affairs reviewed Activists in Transition

Pacific Affairs reviewed Driving toward Modernity 

Pacific Affairs reviewed Migration in the Time of Revolution

Pacific Affairs reviewed Take Back Our Future 

Pacific Affairs reviewed The Roots of Resilience

Renaissance and Reformation reviewed Irregular Unions

Renaissance and Reformation reviewed The Basque Seroras

Renaissance and Reformation reviewed The Dragoman Renaissance 

The Classical Journal reviewed The Many-Minded Man

The Russian Review reviewed Collecting Things, Gathering People

The Russian Review reviewed Hunting Nature

The Russian Review reviewed Is Russia Fascist?

The Russian Review reviewed Nested Nationalism

The Russian Review reviewed Snapshots of the Soul 

The Russian Review reviewed Women of the Catacombs 

The Soviet and Post-Soviet Review reviewed Nested Nationalism

The Soviet and Post-Soviet Review reviewed Putin’s Labor Dilemma

The Soviet and Post-Soviet Review reviewed Voices from the Soviet Edge 

Urban Geography reviewed Black Lives and Spatial Matters

William & Mary Quarterly reviewed Resisting Independence

February Blog Posts

Virtual Author Event

  • Book Launch: David Harrisville, “The Virtuous Wehrmacht: Crafting the Myth of the German Soldier”

February Bestsellers

  1. Sammataro/Beekeeper’s Handbook 5th Ed.
  2. Kaufman/Barack Obama
  3. Garrigues/Birds of Costa Rica 2nd ed
  4. Murphy/Your Children Are Very Greatly in Danger
  5. Mills/The Racial Contract
  6. Kosseff/The United States of Anonymous
  7. Reid, Leenders, Zook, and Dean/Wildlife of Costa Rica
  8. Jenkins/Mosses of the Northern Forest
  9. Doob/The Idea of the Labyrinth (OA ebook)
  10. Boes/Thomas Mann’s War (OA ebook)

Thomas Mann's War cover

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