Out of Practice reviewed in Library Journal

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Here’s a glowing (starred) Library Journal review for Out of Practice: Fighting for Primary Care Medicine in America by Frederick M. Barken MD:

“Barken, a retired primary-care physician and health-policy researcher, gives us an insightful, personal, and thoughtful look into the past, present, and future of American health care. Unlike many authors who simply examine policies or demographics in abstract terms, Barken puts a highly personal spin on issues in health policy and health care, such as dealing with aging patients, dishonest insurance companies, and the patterns of physicians’ own personal lives. He presents a combination of firsthand perspective on medical practice and clear graphs, tables, and explanations of the policy, demographic, and technological changes that have and will continue to affect the practice of primary-care medicine in America. VERDICT Those seeking a readable, understandable, and personal primer on debates about primary care and American health care will be both educated and moved by this outstanding book.”

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