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Print and/or digital subscriptions to New York History can be ordered via Johns Hopkins University Press (, via an email to Cornell University Press (, or by means of a letter addressed to the attention of New York History and sent to Cornell University Press, 512 East State Street, Sage House, Ithaca NY 14850.

Digital subscribers can access New York History via the Johns Hopkins University Press interface:

New York History Article Submission Guidelines

Since 1932, New York History (ISSN 0146-437x) has served as the foremost scholarly journal on the state’s past. New York History, now under the leadership of the Cornell University Press, and working closely with staff from the New York State Museum, seeks to unify the diverse field of New York State history and meet the needs of a growing historical community that includes scholars, public historians, museum professionals, local government historians, and those seeking an in-depth look at the Empire State’s history.

New York History strives to promote and interpret the state’s history through the publication of historical research and case studies dealing with New York State, as well as, its relationship to national and international events. New York History, published twice a year, presents articles dealing with every aspect of New York State history, and reviews of books, exhibitions, and media projects with a New York focus. The Editorial Board actively solicits articles, essays, reports from the field and case studies that support this mission.

Submitted articles should address, in an original fashion, some aspect of New York State history. Articles that deal with the history of other areas or with general American history must have a direct bearing on New York State history. It is assumed that the article will have some new, previously unexploited material to offer or will present new insights or new interpretations. Suggested length is 20-30 double spaced pages (or between 6,000 and 9,000 words), including footnotes . All submitted articles must include a 100-word abstract summarizing the article and providing keywords (no more than 10).  Authors must submit articles electronically, with all text in Word and all tables, figures, and images in formats supported by Microsoft Windows. Provision of images in proper resolution (no less than 300 dpi at 5″ x 7″), securing requisite permissions, and the payment of any fees associated with images for articles are all the responsibility of the author. New York History employs, with some modification, footnote forms suggested in the Chicago Manual of Style.

In its review section, New York History assesses selected scholarly press publications with subject matter directly related to the history of New York State. The journal also reviews films and videos, digital and electronic media productions, exhibits, and performances. We do not accept unsolicited reviews, but we do welcome suggestions for material to review. If you are interested in becoming a reviewer, please contact us via email at

All submissions can be sent directly to the journal’s editors at The Editorial Board will process submissions as quickly as possible; three to six months should be allowed for a thorough reading. New York History does not pay for author’s articles.

Editorial Board

  • Robert Chiles, Senior Lecturer, Department of History, University of Maryland
  • Devin R. Lander, New York State Historian
  • Jennifer Lemak, Chief Curator of History, New York State Museum
  • Michael J. McGandy, Senior Editor, Cornell University Press (ex officio)
  • Aaron Noble, Senior Historian and Curator, New York State Museum

Contact the Editorial Board at

Advisory Board

An Advisory Board of experts on New York State history has been assembled and will include the following scholars and curators for the 2019-2021 term:

Paula Baker, Ohio State University
Thomas D. Beal, SUNY Oneonta
Patricia Bonomi, New York University
Kelly Yacobucci Farquhar, Montgomery County Department of History and Archives
Leslie E. Fishbein, Rutgers University – New Brunswick
James D. Folts, New York State Archives
Michael Galban, Ganondagan State Historic Site
Timothy Gilfoyle, Loyola University Chicago
Susan Goodier, SUNY Oneonta
Georgette Grier-Key, Eastville Community Historical Society
Kenneth T. Jackson, Columbia University
Lisa Keller, Purchase College SUNY
Monica L. Mercado, Colgate University
D.L. Noorlander, SUNY Oneonta
Timothy J. Shannon, Gettysburg College
Robert W. Snyder, Rutgers University – Newark
Ivan D. Steen, Professor Emeritus, University at Albany
Thomas S. Wermuth, Marist College
Oscar Williams, University at Albany

Michael J. McGandy, Cornell University Press (Ex-Officio)

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