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Mellon Diversity Fellow: We’re Hiring!

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Cornell University Press is proud to be a participant in the Andrew W. Mellon University Press Diversity Fellowship Program which was developed in 2016 to help bring more diversity into academic publishing. The Fellowship Program actively works to address diversity issues by providing underrepresented individuals an opportunity to have real work experience in scholarly publishing and a network of peers and mentors to assist them in their professional development.

Today we are very excited to announce that the new fellowship position at the Press is now officially open for applications. This fourteen-month position is within the Cornell University Press acquisitions department where the Mellon Diversity Fellow will provide support to one or more Acquisitions Editors in acquiring scholarly books. The application deadline is midnight of March 14, 2020, and the position begins June 1st.

As part of the program, the Mellon Diversity Fellow will have expenses paid to attend two annual meetings of the Association of University Presses, this year in Seattle and next year in Montreal.

The application for the Diversity Fellow Acquisitions Assistant position can be found on the Working at Cornell website.

Cornell University Press’s current Diversity Fellow Alexis Siemon had many positive things to say about their time at Cornell:

“It’s been a fantastic experience that I am very positive about and I really encourage people to take advantage of the fellowship.

One of the things I did not realize about publishing, and that’s been very encouraging, is just how supportive people in publishing tend to be. People in all of the departments, particularly in acquisitions, have been very supportive and helpful, and have proactively reached out to offer mentoring.

I would definitely advise potential applicants to reach out to all of the current Diversity Fellows. I think all the Fellows are happy to talk if people have questions. I certainly am.”

Alexis’s contact information can be found here, and information on the other fellows can be found here.

Listen to more of Alexis’s experiences on our latest podcast:

Jonathan Hall is Digital Marketing Manager at Cornell University Press. Working alongside his colleagues in the Marketing team, he acts as an advocate for the authors of Cornell University Press to ensure that their research, wisdom, and books are circulated as widely as possible to the scholarly world and beyond. When he’s taking a break from changing the world one book at a time, he enjoys playing music, hiking in the woods, and adventurously exploring everything under the sun with his wife and eight-year-old.

Alexis Siemon has a PhD in History from Princeton University, an MA in China Studies from the University of Washington, and a BA in Linguistics from the University of Chicago. They have worked in a variety of professions, including recent stints as a copyeditor, tutor, and as an assistant to authors and cartoonists. Their interests include legal history, late imperial China, disability rights, and queer science fiction. They hope to be a voice for accessibility and neurodiversity in academic publishing.

Alexis Siemon at Cornell University Press, 2020.
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