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Medieval Societies, Religions, and Cultures Series

Announcing a new series, edited by M. Cecilia Gaposchkin and Anne E. Lester

With the intention of fostering the best historical scholarship that focuses on the medieval past as multidimensional, the new series Medieval Societies, Religions, and Cultures (MSRC) published by Cornell University Press will prioritize work that investigates the profound interconnectedness of religions, politics, cultures, social lives and contexts, ideologies, and materialities that shaped the human experience between 300 and 1500. As a way of framing new narratives of the past, series editors Cecilia Gaposchkin and Anne Lester will seek out and cultivate scholarship that breaks new historical ground by highlighting these relationships and that foregrounds links across methodological, disciplinary, evidentiary, and geographical divides.

By cultivating a collection of books that define the period and place of the Middle Ages in broad, interdisciplinary, and multi-confessional terms, we would also be responding to, and taking part in, changes in the field exemplified by new work and critical questions related to the study of gender, race, global history, religious difference and hybridity, migration and mobility as agents of change, and a new interest in class and the material past. The series will be committed to the study of a new Middle Ages, one vibrant in its diversity, vigorous in its lived depth, and vital in its methodological engagements to shaping the discipline of history.

Advisory Board –
Elisheva Baumgarten, Hebrew University
Paul M. Cobb, University of Pennsylvania
Hussein Fancy, University of Michigan
Samantha Kelly, Rutgers University
Maria Mavroudi, UC Berkeley
Maureen C. Miller, UC Berkeley
Helmut Reimitz, Princeton University
Daniel Lord Smail, Harvard University
Anders Winroth, Yale University

Please send inquiries to: M. Cecilia Gaposchkin and Anne E. Lester.

For additional information about publishing with Cornell University Press, please contact: Mahinder Kingra, Editor in Chief.

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