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Marketing Guidelines

We are delighted to be publishing your book, and the marketing team is looking forward to working with you. I’m sure you have a lot of questions about what we will be doing to promote it and sell it as widely as possible. You may also be keen to share marketing ideas of your own with us. 

Please take a few minutes to read this guide. You might wish to save it or print it for easy reference. Please email or call me with any ideas or suggestions. We are approximately four months from publication so it’s time to start the marketing process.

Book Cover

Attached to this email is a jpeg of your book cover. Please use this as you see fit. For example, some authors email it to their contacts or include it in their signature or put it on their website or blog of their institution. You might also send it to your institution’s communications department. Some authors use it on their social media platforms. However you choose to use it, the cover is an excellent way to share the good news about your book. Please note that the image on your cover might be covered by the creator’s or owner’s copyright and thus should not be altered in any way. If you receive a request from media, universities, or other third parties to use the book cover image please direct them to the marketing team.

Book Flyer

You will also find attached a PDF of a flyer for your book. The flyer may include (depending on space) the description, blurbs, a special offer code, and information on how people can order your book. You may print or email your postcard and share as widely and as often as you wish. Much of the same information appears in the catalog, on our website, and is used in other supplementary materials and email campaigns we send out.


By the time you get this guide your book will be proudly displayed on the CUP website at Please check the email you received for the specific URL for your book on our website.

Approximately nine months ahead of the publication date for your book we sent out the basic metadata such as title, subtitle, price, and so on to all our global partners. These partners include, but are not limited to, Amazon, Google, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, Apple, and many more. As such, you will find your book available for preorder on your favorite online bookseller at this time. A few months before publication we will update the metadata with all the relevant and necessary information.

We work hard to ensure that all information is up-to-date and accurate. We appreciate your help in alerting us to errors as you encounter them. When we learn of a problem we will request a correction.

If you have your own website or a page on a department website please provide us with the URL so that we can use it in our marketing efforts. Please also share the link to our website in your communications.

Seasonal Catalog

We produce two seasonal catalogs a year: Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. These catalogs are distributed both in print and digitally to chain and independent bookstores, wholesalers, distributors, media, and individuals worldwide. Your bookwill feature in the relevant season based on your book’s pub date. Spring/Summer for books published between March and August; Fall/Winter for books published between September and February.

Subject and Imprint Catalogs

We produce subject and imprint catalogs that we distribute at appropriate meetings and through mailings and email campaigns to relevant scholars in the field. These catalogs include: history; anthropology; sociology; political science; Asian studies; medieval and renaissance studies; US history; military history; literary studies; international studies; urban studies; Russian and Eurasain studies; Comstock Publishing Associates (science and nature); ILR Press (labor studies and health and medicine); Three Hills (New York trade); Northern Illinois University Press; and SEAP (Southeast Asian studies).Your book will feature in the relevant subject catalog(s).

Sales Reps

Our domestic and international sales reps and partners use the catalog during sales calls to secure orders for your book in advance of its publication. We have warehouses in a number of countries worldwide, as well as local sales reps attuned to the particulars of any given market. Our in-house sales team meets with our sales reps, national buyers, and distributors twice a year, in advance of each season. Our sales reps also meet with buyers at Barnes & Noble College stores. In each case we pitch your book to relevant and important buyers and decision-makers in order to help position your book for sales success.

Email Campaigns

We send announcement emails indicating that your book is available at the time of publication. If your book is suitable for course adoption we will carry out an email campaign for that audience. We will also, in many case, include your book in pre- and post-conference email blasts, as well as in other email campaigns when relevant to the target audience. Please send us the email addresses of personal and professional contacts to whom you would like us to send an announcement.

Social Media

Cornell University Press has active Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram profiles. We will use these platforms to promote your book at suitable times depending on the news and publication cycle. If you are on any social platforms please follow the Press and tag us when appropriate in your own posts. It is also a good idea to share any media coverage you receive through your own social platforms. If you are not actively engaged in social media we will do our best to post on our social platforms. We will share your posts and we will post abourt your book and its subject matter in the build up to publication and beyond.

We also have an active blog ( Please consider writing and submitting to us a short (500-750 word) blog post. Such a post is a great way to expand upon aspects of the book’s content and we can use it in other marketing efforts. We post regularly and our blog helps position you and your book at the heart of the discussion.

We also have a well-listened-to podcast, 1869. If you would like to be a guest on the 1869, the Cornell University Press podcast please indicate so in your author questionnaire or let our Digital Marketing Manager know and he will arrange a suitable date and time to record the episode with you. Our podcast is available on iTunes, Sppotify, SoundCloud, and elsewhere.


We will advertise your book primarily in annual meeting programs and scholarly journals that fit the main target audience of your book.


We will exhibit your book throughout its first year of availability at the most applicable conferences of the thirty-plus we attend in any given year.

If you are speaking at a conference please let us know at least six weeks in advance. If we are not exhibiting at that conference there may be other ways to promote your book such as a conference-targeted flyer or other item.


We send out review copies of your book to a list based upon your author questionnaire and our knowledge of the field. These books are sent out approximately three to six weeks ahead of pub date. Please note that if a scholarly journal chooses to review your book it may take up to two years before that review is published.

Our Publicity Manager meets with national and international media outlets in New York City and Washington, DC twice a year. During these meetings she pitches suitable and relevant books and authors to targeted media. She also distributes the seasonal catalog to select media, undertakes follow-up efforts with media, handles ad-hoc requests for review copies and author interviews, targets pitches (op-eds, feature stories, excerpts, etc.) to specific and dedicated media, and offers guidance for conducting your own publicity efforts.

You, too, can help with general publicity on your book. Please work with our Publicity Manager on how best to reach out to your media and professional contacts to offer your expertise or commentary. This offer may be in the form of op-eds or feature stories for print and digital media, or it could be as a radio or television guest. Whenever you are sought as an expert please ask that they include “author of [book title]” next to your name. You should also let your institution’s communications department know about your forthcoming book as far in advance as possible.

Author Events and Appearances

We encourage you to arrange for yourself any author events or apperarances you may wish to do. We are able to provide logistical support for when you set up an author event. 

Consider these factors when thinking about bookstore appearances:

Are you known at the bookstore in question?

Is the bookstore known for conducting well-advertised, successful author events?

Will you have time to promote the event and bolster appearances by sending postcards and/or emails to friends, family, and colleagues?

Are you prepared to read or provide your expertise to an audience that may not contain any actual book buyers?

If you do decide to arrange bookstore appearances please let us know as far in advance as possible. Some stores will prefer to work directly with CUP. In those cases please contact the Publicity Manager so that we can help.

Events at universities, NGOs, organizations, special-interest groups, etc., can be excellent opportunities. These host groups have built-in audiences and can be more fruitful than bookstores. If you have an opportunity to present or speak at such a venue please contact the Special Sales Representative to discuss bookselling options.

For any and all events that you may schedule please let us know well in advance so that we can offer assistance and so that we can promote the event from our side, too. 

Special Sales

Please contact the Marketing and Sales Director to discuss opportunities for bulk sales to organizations and special sales to non-bookstores. He will work with you to identify possible leads and will communicate directly with those identified organizations to try to arrange such sales. He will also use his extensive knowledge of special sales to identify groups to target as well. Please note that not all books lend themselves to special sales efforts.

Subsidiary Rights

Our Subsidiary Rights Manager sends our seasonal catalogs to foreign publishers and subagents worldwide. If you would like to suggest publishers you think might be appropriate to approach for translation rights to your book please email her directly.

Where Can People Buy My Book? 

Your book will be available wherever books are sold, online and at brick-and-mortar stores. However, not all retailers regularly carry quantities of scholarly and academic books so you might not always find a copy in any given bookstore.  

Local bookstores sometimes carry inventory of new books from local authors, but they may neglect to reorder. If your colleagues, friends, or relatives can’t find your new book in their local store there are several other good options:

Ask the store manager to order it.

Order from your preferred online vendor.

Order direct from CUP. Call 800 848 6224 or visit 

Ordering Your Own Book

As the author of a CUP book you are entitled to a discount on purchases of your books directly from us. To place your order, call 800 848 6224 and tell the customer service representative you are the author and give them the relevant discount code, or visit and enter the relevant discount code when you checkout. 

1-9 copies use code 09FORTY for 40% off
10-19 copies use code 09FORTY5 for 45% off
20-99 copies use code 09FIFTY for 50% off
100+ copies use 09FIFTY5 for 55% off

We hope you find this marketing guide helpful. While we will make every effort to adhere to this plan, please be aware that unforeseen circumstances may mean that the final marketing efforts for your book differ somewhat from this guide. Additionally, each book is different and so is each author; there may be some aspects of marketing better suited to your book and audience than others. Finally, the marketing team is responsible for the promotion and sale of approximately 150 new books and more than 3,000 backlist books each year.

We look forward to working with you to market and sell your book.


Martyn Beeny
Marketing and Sales Director

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