International Studies Association Virtual Exhibit – The 2020 Experience

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Welcome to the virtual version of our 2020 Experience for the ISA 2020 Annual Conference.

While the physical conference and exhibit have been canceled, we still want you to experience everything our authors and the Press and its imprints have been doing.

We’ve got Q&As with some of our authors, blog posts from others, and podcasts and videos with more. We also hope you enjoy our brand-new subject catalog and our Art of Reading photos.

To give you a sense of being there when you can’t we’re also offering one of those much-sought-after conference discount codes! If you see something on our International Studies list that you just have to take home from your virtual browsing of our virtual exhibit enter 09EXP40 into the shopping cart. You’ll get 40 percent off!

Browse the book exhibit.

View our 2020 International Studies subject catalog.

The Book in Brief

Watch short videos of some of our International studies authors talking about their books in the Book in Brief series.


Check out these great authors on 1869, the Cornell University Press podcast:

Brandon Schechter

Jun Zhang

Mila Dragojević

Sara Lewis

Taomo Zhou


Check out some of the Q&As with our authors, and find out more about their research:

Chelsey Kivland on Street Politics in Urban Haiti

Erynn Masi de Casanova on Domestic Employment in Ecuador

Felicity Aulino on Providing Care in an Aging Thailand

Jelena Subotic on Holocaust Remembrance after Communism

Jun Zhang on Cars and the Middle Class in China

Marina Henke on Constructing Allied Cooperation

Mary Augusta Brazelton on Mass Vaccination and the Chinese Communist Party

Paul Poast on the Art of Agreement in Military-Pact Negotiations

Romain Malejacq on Warlords and State Building in Afghanistan

Stephanie Malia Hom on Italy’s Migration Crisis

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