International Congress on Medieval Studies Virtual Exhibit – The 2020 Experience

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Welcome to the virtual version of our 2020 Experience for the International Congress on Medieval Studies.

While the physical congress and exhibit have been canceled, we still want you to experience everything our authors and the Press and its imprints have been doing.

We’ve got Q&As with some of our authors, blog posts from others, and podcasts and videos with more. We also hope you enjoy our brand-new subject catalog and our Art of Reading photos.

To give you a sense of being there when you can’t we’re also offering one of those much-sought-after conference discount codes! If you see something on our Medieval Studies list that you just have to take home from your virtual browsing of our books on display enter 09EXP40 into the shopping cart. You’ll get 40 percent off!

Browse the books on display.

Join our #KZoo2020 Virtual Wine Hour:

In addition to hosting our Virtual Wine Hour, Cornell’s medieval studies editor, Mahinder Kingra, will be available to talk to interested scholars about their book projects via Zoom or Skype on Thursday, May 7, and Friday, May 8, between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM EDT. If you’re interested, email Mahinder at msk55@cornell.edu to set up an appointment.”

View our 2020 Medieval Studies subject catalog:

The Book in Brief

Watch short videos of some of our International studies authors talking about their books in the Book in Brief series.


Listen to our authors on 1869, the Cornell University Press podcast:

Alan E. Bernstein, author of Hell and Its Rivals: Death and Retribution among Christians, Jews, and Muslims in the Early Middle Ages

Cecilia Gaposchkin and Anne Lester, editors of our exciting new series Medieval Societies, Religions, and Cultures

Maggie Solberg, author of Virgin Whore


Check out some of the Q&As with our authors, and find out more about their research:

Gregory Halfond on the Politics of Patronage in Post-Roman Gaul

Janine Larmon Peterson on Unofficial Saints in Late Medieval Italy

Mary Harvey Doyno on Medieval Italy

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