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We are saddened to hear the news of Professor Mae Smethurst’s passing on December 15, 2019. Professor Smethurst made important contributions to the Cornell East Asia Series catalog, Japanese theater studies, and comparative theater studies.

Her works with CEAS included The Noh Ominameshi: A Flower Viewed from Many Directions (2003), with Christina Laffin; Dramatic Representations of Filial Piety: Five Noh in Translation, which was awarded the 1998 Japan-US Friendship Commission Prize. She also provided text and translation of “Sanemori” in Like Clouds or Mists: Studies and Translations of Nō Plays of the Genpei War (2013).

Along with former CEAS editor Karen Brazell, Professor Smethurst blazed a trail for later generations of women academics in East Asian studies in general and in Japanese literary and theater studies in particular. She will be missed by all.

Mai Shaikhanuar-Cota, Managing Editor, Cornell East Asia Series at Cornell University Press

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