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Cornell Global Perspectives

Cornell Global Perspectives (CGP) is the Einaudi Center’s imprint with Cornell University Press. CGP titles examine urgent global challenges, typically from an interdisciplinary perspective, and are intended for an informed but non-specialist audience. Publications range from lecture transcripts, essays, reports, and briefs to full-length books. All are available for download to e-readers and for print on demand.

Editorial Board (all from the Einaudi Center at Cornell University):
Victoria Beard (City and Regional Planning); Matthew Evangelista (Government); Judith Reppy (Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies); Paul Fleming (German Studies); Jonathan Kirshner (Government), Hirokazu Miyazaki, (Anthropology; Einaudi Center), Muna Ndulo (Law; Institute for African Development); Tom Pepinsky (Government); Oya Rieger (Library); Jeremy Wallace (Government); and Wendy Wolford (Development Sociology)

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