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There is a long-running debate about whether ebooks are as good as print books and, I suppose, vice versa. But for a week, you can have your cake and eat it, too. We’re offering you the print book for free when you buy an ebook. This is an incredible deal designed to make the debate moot.

Purchase an ebook (they’re 50 percent of the price of the print version) and we’ll send the print one, to your home, for free! There’s no catch. (You won’t see the print version in the shopping cart, but rest assured, we’ll ship it to you!) This way you’ll be able to bathe with your e-reader and search the digital version, and still display the physical version on your shelf.

We’re curious. Will you flick between the print and the ebook? Will you read one version and then come back to the other one? Will you send the print version on to a friend who could do with a little extra reading in these strange times? Regardless of how you choose to read, having both the print and the digital book in your collection can only be a good thing. So, start browsing!

Fine Print

The free book with your ebook sale runs from April 6 through April 12, 2020. Sadly, this deal is only available in the US and is not valid for preorders. Ebooks must be purchased from our website. Oh, and sorry, but open access ebooks (they’re free) don’t count in this sale. Finally, you don’t have to do anything. Just put the ebook in your cart and checkout. We’ll automatically send you a print copy as soon as possible!

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