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The Cornell University Press Marketing team compiled an informational summary of the most popular awards, publicity, journals, podcasts, author blog posts, and bestsellers of May 2021. Take a look!


Krista A. Goff’s Nested Nationalism: Making and Unmaking Nations in the Soviet Caucasus, is winner of the Harriman Rothschild Book Prize given by the Association for the Study of Nationalities.

Mayte Green-Mercado’s Visions of Deliverance: Moriscos and the Politics of Prophecy in the Early Modern Mediterranean, is winner of the Wadjih F. al-Hamwi Prize for Best First Book in Mediterranean Studies.

Sarah G. Phillips’s When There Was No Aid: War and Peace in Somaliland, is shortlisted for the Conflict Research Society Book of the Year Prize.


The Atlantic reviewed Unrivaled by Michael Beckley. 

LA Review of Books reviewed Hamilton and the Law by Lisa Tucker saying it is “brimming with insight and originality.”

LA Review of Books featured Souls Under Siege by Nicole Archambeau.

The New York Times featured a guest essay by David W. McIvor, Mourning in America

The New Yorker featured Republicanism, Communism and Islam by John Sidel in an essay titled Asia’s Anti-Colonialist Journey.

CNN Health featured an article written by Jessica DuLong, Saved at the Seawall.

The Wall Street Journal rated The Stuff of Soldiers by Brandon M. Schechter as one of the 5 best books on the Soviet Home Front in World War II. 

The Washington Post featured an article cowritten by David M. Edelstein, Over the Horizon.

The Gotham Center for New York City History reviewed Cry of Murder on Broadway by Julie Miller, labeling it a “compelling narrative.”

Inside Higher Ed recommended For the Common Good by Charles Dorn to all students “of the future of higher education.”

Leonard Lopate at Large interviewed Dan Garodnick, Saving Stuyvesant Town. The Bowery Boys Podcast reviewed the book, calling it a “detailed and often thrilling account.”

The Military Times featured an excerpt of Bullets not Ballots by Jacqueline L. Hazelton.

Business Insider mentions The Caring Class by Richard Schweid and quotes the author in an article on home care as infrastructure.

The Conversation published an article written by Joel Christensen, The Many-Minded Man.

Ohio Irish American News reviewed Rockaway Blue by Larry Kirwan. The Irish Examiner reviewed the book.

WCNY Capitol Pressroom interviewed Brad Edmondson, A Wild IdeaCornell Alumni Magazine reviewed the book.

Foreign Affairs published an article written by Rebecca Ayako Bennette, Diagnosing Dissent.

DevPolicy Blog reviewed When There Was No Aide by Sarah Philips. Memorandum of Understanding interviewed the author. 

Morning Consult published an article written by David Madland, Re-Union

H-Diplo of ISSF reviewed Information Technology and Military Power by Jon Lindsay.

EuropeNow reviewed Drunk on Genocide by Edward Westermann listing it as an Editor’s Pick. Book Authority identified and rated the book as #1 of the “19 Best New Nazi Germany Books To Read In 2021.” published an article written by Michael Hoffman, Our Changing Menu. Sustainable Development Solutions Network reviewed the book. Business Insider rated the book, identifying it as one of the 10 best books to understand the climate crisis. 

Public Seminar published an excerpt of The Floating Pool Lady by Ann Buttenweiser. Thrive Global reviewed the book calling it a “delightful read”. GothamToGo featured The Floating Pool Lady by Ann L. Buttenwieser and highlights an upcoming book talk with the author.

Columbia Law School reviewed Lakefront by Thomas Merrill. The Faculty Lounge reviewed the book. 

Just Security published an article co-written by Helen M. Kinsella, The Image before the Weapon. 

H-Diplo of ISSF reviewed Feeding the Hungry by Michelle Jurkovich in a roundtable. 

Democrat & Chronicle reviewed Strike the Hammer by Laura Hill. 

The Marketplace Magazine reviewed The Laziness Myth by Christine Jeske. 

The Birdbooker Report featured Dragonflies and Damselflies of Costa Rica by Dennis Paulson.

Beta interviewed Somdeep Sen, Decolonizing PalestineThe Washington Post featured an article written by the author. The Middle East Monitor reviewed Decolonizing Palestine by Somdeep Sen.

Market Design featured Kidney to Share by Martha Gershun. 

Opinio Juris featured Lawmaking under Pressure by Giovanni Mantilla in a week-long virtual symposium. Armed Groups and International Law reviewed Lawmaking under Pressure by Giovanni Mantilla identifying it as “incredibly detailed and insightful.”

The ILR School News featured Private Regulation of Labor Standards in Global Supply Chains by Sarosh Kuruvilla and highlighted an upcoming launch event webinar with the author. 

The Polar Journal reviewed Letters to and from an Anthropologist by Laura Nader, calling it “refreshing” and “carefully crafted.”

NACLA reviewed The Frontier Effect by Teo Ballvé, highlighting how the author “expertly unpacks the discourse.”

The Pappas Post published an article written by Alexander Kitroeff, The Greek Orthodox Church in America.

Money Life with Chuck Jaffe interviewed Jim Freeman, Rich Thanks to Racism.

New Books Network featured Mobilizing for Development and interviewed Kristen Looney.

New Books Network interviewed Jay Lockenour, Dragonslayer

New Books Network interviewed D. G. Hart on his new book, American Catholic, calling it “essential reading.”

WORT Radio interviewed Joel Christensen, The Many-Minded Man.

Aspen Digital interviewed Jeff Kosseff, 26 Words that Created the Internet

Lawyers Guns Money Podcast interviewed Michael Hillard, Shredding Paper

Book Dreams Podcast interviewed Rebecca Falkoff, Possessed.

Empire State Engagements with Dr. Robert Chiles interviewed Catherine O’Donnell, Elizabeth Seton.

Géopolitique, le Débat interviewed Romain Malejacq, Warlord Survival.

The Winchester Book Gallery interviewed Patricia D. Norland, The Saigon Sisters.

American Historical Review reviewed Authors and Apparatus.

American Historical Review reviewed Courting Sanctity.

American Historical Review reviewed Lethal Provocation.

American Historical Review reviewed Metropolitan Fetish.

American Historical Review reviewed Quarters.

American Historical Review reviewed Rough Draft.

American Historical Review reviewed Statecraft by Stealth.

American Historical Review reviewed The Afterlives of the Terror.

American Historical Review reviewed The Instrumental University.

American Historical Review reviewed The Lay Saint.

American Historical Review reviewed The Moral Witness.

American Historical Review reviewed Understanding Others.

American Historical Review reviewed Violence as Usual.

British Journal for Military History reviewed The Stuff of Soldiers.

Cahiers du monde russe reviewed The Stuff of Soldiers.

CHOICE reviewed The Saigon Sisters .

Eurasian Geography and Economics reviewed Bowling for Communism.

French Studies reviewed Understanding Others.

H-Soz-Kult reviewed The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere.

History reviewed Rough Draft .

Journal of Asian Studies reviewed The Chinese Revolution on the Tibetan Frontier.

Journal of Military History reviewed Diagnosing Dissent.

Journal of Military History reviewed Information Technology and Military Power.

Journal of Military History reviewed Statecraft by Stealth.

Journal of Modern History reviewed Authors and Apparatus.

Journal of Modern History reviewed Intimate Violence.

Journal of Modern History reviewed Lethal Provocation. 

Journal of Modern History reviewed Making Space for the Dead.

Journal of Modern History reviewed Mass Violence and the Self.

Journal of Modern History reviewed Metropolitan Fetish .

Journal of Modern History reviewed Political Survivors.

Journal of Modern History reviewed Smoking under the Tsars.

Journal of Modern History reviewed The Moral Witness.

Journal of Modern History reviewed The Perraults.

Journal of Modern History reviewed The Scholems.

Journal of Modern History reviewed The Sober Revolution.

Journal of Modern History reviewed This Thing of Darkness.

Journal of Modern History reviewed War Tourism. 

Journal of Urban Affairs reviewed Creating the Suburban School Advantage. 

Journal of Urban Affairs reviewed Last Subway.

Low Countries Historical Review reviewed Heaven’s Wrath.

PoLAR journal reviewed Letters to and from an Anthropologist.

Speculum reviewed Burning Bodies.

Speculum reviewed Courting Sanctity.

Speculum reviewed Fifty Early Medieval Things.

Speculum reviewed Stolen Song.

Survival: Global Politics and Strategy reviewed Bowling for Communism.

Survival: Global Politics and Strategy reviewed The Truth Society.

The Journal of American-East Asian Relations reviewed The Chinese Revolution on the Tibetan Frontier.

The New England Quarterly reviewed Heaven’s Wrath.

Twentieth-Century China reviewed The Chinese Revolution on the Tibetan Frontier.

U.S. Catholic Historian reviewed The Imperial Church

William & Mary Quarterly reviewed Heaven’s Wrath.


1869, Special SMH Ep. 105 with David Silbey, Jay Lockenour, and Edward Westermann

Promotional image for our special SMH episode.

Top-10 Author Blog Posts

  1. The Japanese Economy: Before and After COVID-19
  2. Win a Free Copy of Can you Beat Churchill? Teaching History through Simulations
  3. Witchcraft and Magic in Russian and Ukrainian Lands Before 1900
  4. Daunte Wright and Perpetual Racial Progress
  5. Racial Politics in Putin’s Russia
  6. American Jews as “Liberal” as Ever
  7. Climate Change and Its Effect on Our Food
  8. The Questions Get Some Answers on Jews and Organized Crime
  9. Understanding the use of Kompromat in Russian Politics: An Excerpt from Alena V. Ledeneva’s “How Russia Really Works”
  10. How to Prevent Coups d’État

May Bestsellers

  1. Under the Surface
  2. By Honor Bound
  3. Nuclear Reactions
  4. Revolution Goes East
  5. Unrivaled
  6. Beekeeper’s Handbook 5th Ed.
  7. Rich Thanks to Racism
  8. A Wild Idea
  9. Bird Talk
  10. Interpreting Greek Tragedy

*Featured photo: May calendar. Credit: Rahul Pandit.

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