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Cornell University Press Monthly Roundup: March!

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The Cornell University Press Marketing team compiled an informational summary of the most popular awards, publicity, journals, podcasts, author blog posts, and bestsellers of March 2021. Take a look!


Nimisha Barton’s Reproductive Citizens: Gender, Immigration, and the State in Modern France, 1880–1945, has won honorable mention for the David H. Pinkney Prize given by the Society for French Historical Studies

Thomas W. Barton’s, Victory’s Shadow: Conquest and Governance in Medieval Catalonia; and, Sean L. Field’s, Courting Sanctity: Holy Women and the Capetians, have won honorable mention for the Royal Studies Journal Book Prize

Adelle Blackett’s Everyday Transgressions: Domestic Workers’ Transnational Challenge to International Labor Law, is winner of the Canadian Council on International Law Book Award

Judith G. Coffin’s Sex, Love, and Letters: Writing Simone de Beauvoir, is winner of the David H. Pinkney Prize given by the Society for French Historical Studies

Adam J. Davis’s The Medieval Economy of Salvation: Charity, Commerce, and the Rise of the Hospital, is winner of the Ohio Academy of History Publication Award

Giovanni Mantilla’s Lawmaking under Pressure: International Humanitarian Law and Internal Armed Conflict, is winner of the Francis Lieber Prize given by the American Society of International Law

Alasdair Roberts’s Strategies for Governing: Reinventing Public Administration for a Dangerous Century, is winner of the Section on Public Administration Research of the American Society of Public Administration Book Award


  • The New York Times wrote about Wildflowers of New York City by Andrew Garn, and included several photosAudubon reviewed the book, and included several photos.
  • The Los Angeles Review of Books published an interview with David Thomson, conducted by Jonathan Kirshner, When the Movies Mattered.
  • The Conversation published an article by the author that discusses topics from his book. Salon featured Edward Westermann’s, Drunk on Genocideop-ed that originally appeared in The ConversationThe Wire featured the op-ed Ed Westermann originally published in The ConversationThe Times of Israel featured the op-ed Ed Westermann originally published in The Conversation.
  • Le Monde published an op-ed by Clemence Pinaud, War and Genocide in South Sudan, which addresses her book and the issues in South Sudan. Hamilton Lugar School News announced the publication of the author’s new book in a blog post.
  • The Washington Post’s ‘Made By History’ published an op-ed by David Wight, Oil Money.
  • Psychology Today published an op-ed by Paul Howe, Teen Spirit.
  • Center for NYC Affairs interviewed Daniel R. Garodnick, Saving Stuyvesant Town.
  • Irish American News wrote a piece about Rockaway Blue by Larry Kirwan. The Rockaway Times wrote an article about the book and author.
  • The Palestine Chronicle reviewed the Decolonizing Palestine, calling it “powerful and well-argued”
  • Mainely History interviewed Michael Hillard, Shredding PaperRockland Public Library hosted a virtual author talk, featuring Hilllard. 
  • Untapped New York promoted The Borscht Belt in an article for an upcoming event with the author, Marisa Scheinfeld.
  • SRB Podcast interviewed by Valerie Kivelson and Christine Worobec on their new book, Witchcraft in Russia and Ukraine.
  • The Rick Smith Show interviewed Christine Jeske, The Laziness Myth. The UpWords Podcast interviewed the author about her new book.
  • The Rick Smith Show interviewed Doron Taussig, What We Mean by the American Dream
  • New Books Network, New Books on Southeast Asia interviewed Duncan McCargo, Fighting for Virtue.
  • New Books Network interviewed Rebecca Bennette, Diagnosing Dissent.
  • New Books Network interviewed Krista Goff, Nested Nationalism.
  • New Books Network interviewed Mayte Green-Mercado, Visions of Deliverance.
  • Association for Asian Studies interviewed Taomo Zhou, Migration in the Time of Revolution.
  • POMEPS Middle East Political Science Podcast interviewed Somdeep Sen, Decolonizing Palestine.
  • ArabLit interviewed Rebecca Johnson, Stranger Fictions.
  • Fullbrighter Network published a snapshot of More Than Medals by Dennis Frost.
  • The Toysmatrix reviewed Immigrant Japan by Gracia Liu-Farrer.
  • Chapter 16 reviewed The Caring Class by Richard Schweid.
  • StrategyPage shared a review of Comrades Betrayed that was featured in The NYMAS Review.
  • Mirage News published an interview with Richard Samuels, 3.11, on the anniversary of the 3.11.11 earthquake that shook Japan.
  • Isthmus announced an event with Kathryn E. Graber, Mixed Messages, and wrote a short article about the book and author. 
  • TWAILR (Third World Approaches to International Law Review) published an interview with Adelle Blackett, Everyday Transgressions.
  • NHS News (the blog of the National Hellenic Society) interviewed Maureen Connors Santelli, The Greek Fire.
  • Australian Book Review reviewed The Politics of Veteran Benefits in the Twentieth Century.
  • BAVS Newsletter reviewed Victorian Skins.
  • Choice reviewed Bowling for Communism.
  • Critical Studies in Media Communication reviewed A Precarious Game.
  • Harvard Ukrainian Studies reviewed Narkomania.
  • HSozKult reviewed Bishops and the Politics of Patronage in Merovingian Gaul.
  • Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding reviewed Warlord Survival.
  • Journal of Peace Research reviewed How to Prevent Coups d’État.
  • Labor History reviewed Achieving Workers’ Rights in the Global Economy.
  • Labor History reviewed From Migrant to Worker.
  • Modern Intellectual History reviewed Political Survivors.
  • Modern Intellectual History reviewed The Moral Witness.
  • Parergon reviewed Invisible Weapons.
  • Politique etrangere reviewed Information Technology and Military Power.
  • Quellen und Forschungen aus italienischen Archiven und Bibliotheken reviewed The Virtues of Economy.
  • Social History of Medicine reviewed Sovereign Necropolis.
  • Technology and Culture reviewed Silent Serial Sensations.
  • The Jewish Veteran reviewed Comrades Betrayed.
  • The Journal of American History reviewed The Instrumental University.
  • The Journal of the Middle East and Africa reviewed How to Prevent Coups d’État.
  • The NYMAS Review reviewed Comrades Betrayed.
  • The Russian Review reviewed Engaging the Evil Empire.
  • The Russian Review reviewed God, Tzar, and People.
  • The Russian Review reviewed Haunted Empire.
  • The Russian Review reviewed Russia’s Entangled Embrace.
  • Victorian Studies reviewed Spirit Matters.


1869, Ep. 104 with Larry Kirwan, author of Rockaway Blue: A Novel

Image of the author and book cover.

10 Most Recent Author Blog Posts

  1. A Tribute to Walter LaFeber
  2. Oliver Charbonneau on American Power in the Islamic Philippines
  3. Michael O’Hanlon on American Military Power
  4. The Priest and the Fireman
  5. Anke Gilleir on Gender Norms in European Culture
  6. Policing Pornography in China, One Hundred Years Ago
  7. Jacqueline Hazelton on Counterinsurgency Warfare
  8. Ulrike Capdepón on Human Rights Violations and Criminal Justice
  9. The Art of Beekeeping: For Both Hobbyists and Professionals
  10. Y. Yvon Wang on the Chinese Pornographic Regime

March Bestsellers

  1. Pinaud/War and Genocide in South Sudan (OA ebook)
  2. Sammataro/Beekeeper’s Handbook 5th Ed.
  3. Hoffmann/Our Changing Menu
  4. Lockenour/Dragonslayer
  5. Garodnick/Saving Stuyvesant Town
  6. Lavie/Creativity/Anthropology (OA ebook)
  7. Taussig/What We Mean by the American Dream
  8. Oates/Pursuing Truth
  9. Steinberg/The Afterlives of the Terror (OA ebook)
  10. Brown/Poets, Patrons, and Printers (OA ebook)

*Featured Photo: Ivy on wall. Credit: Tim Mossholder.

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