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The Cornell University Press Marketing team compiled an informational summary of the most popular awards, publicity, journals, podcasts, author blog posts, and bestsellers of July 2021. Take a look!


Cynthia J. Cranford’s Home Care Fault Lines: Understanding Tensions and Creating Alliances, is winner of the Section on Labor and Labor Movements Distinguished Scholarly Book Award given by the Labor and Labor Movements Section of the American Sociological Association.

Devorah S. Manekin’s Regular Soldiers, Irregular War: Violence and Restraint in the Second Intifada, is co-winner of the Giovanni Sartori Book Award given by the Qualitative and Multi-Method Research Section of the American Political Science Association.


The Washington Post published an article by Martin Hearson, Imposing Standards.

CNN published an article by by Jessica DuLong, Saved at the Seawall. C-SPAN posted a Q&A with the author. Grief Is My Side Hustle interviewed the author on the podcast.

Publisher’s Weekly reviewed Lives of Weeds by John Cardina calling it “focused and fascinating.”

AEON published an essay by Paul Howe, adapted from Teen Spirit.

The Metropole published an article by Daniel Garodnick, Saving Stuyvesant Town.

Political Junkie interviewed Ann L. Buttenwieser about her new book, The Floating Pool Lady

Foreign Affairs surveyed authorities on the question at hand, including Jacqueline Hazelton’s response. (Bullets Not Ballots). Foreign Affairs published an article by the author.

Foreign Affairs published an article by Oriana Skylar Mastro, The Costs of Conversation.

Foreign Affairs published an article by Yuen Yuen Ang, How China Escaped the Poverty Trap.

Facing Future.TV interviewed Michael P. Hoffmann in their conversation, “Food, The Big Wake Up Call.” (Our Changing Menu)Foodtank published a summer 2021 reading list, with the book ranking #10.  SupermarketGuru featured the new website that expands upon the book, calling it a “must visit.” Cornell University Medium published an article by the author.

Working Class Studies published a blog post by Jack Metzgar, Bridging the Divide by Jack Metzgar. In These Times published an article by the author, originally posted by Working Class StudiesWorkplace Fairness published an article by the author, originally posted by Working Class StudiesHuman Capital League published an article by the author, originally posted by Working Class Studies.

The International Affairs posted a summer reading list, with The Picky Eagle by Richard W. Maass ranking #2.

Platform published an Op-Ed by Robert W. Snyder, originally published in “The Conversation”, reflecting on the In the Heights film and his own research for his book Crossing Broadway. 

Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness recorded a podcast that featured Joel Christensen, The Many-Minded Man by Joel Christensen. 

Tangentially Speaking with Christopher Ryan interviewed Richard Schweid, The Caring Class, on the podcast.

Royal Opera House hosted a panel discussion, and Kira Thurman, Singing Like Germans,  was one of the guests. 

Liberal Arts & Management Program featured an article by Carl R. Weinberg, Red Dynamite, discussing his forthcoming book and research.

The Institute for Humane Studies featured Jonathan Barth, The Currency of Empire, and his new book in the “scholar spotlight.”

Times Union reviewed A Wild Idea by Brad Edmondson, calling it “thoroughly researched.” Adirondack Daily Enterprise reviewed the book, noting that the book “merits the attention of everyone deeply interested in the Adirondack region.” Sun Community News featured A Wild Idea by Brad Edmondson, calling it “rife with fascinating detail.” NCPR interviewed the author about his new book.  Adirondack Explorer published the author’s 9-part column series, titled “Regulators and Rebels.”

Marquette University Law School Faculty Blog published a blog post by Joseph D. Kearney, Lakefront, discussing the new book and its’ publicity. WTTW highlighted the new book. The Faculty Lounge published a blog post by the authors, that features reflections in a guest post series. ABA Journal: Modern Law Library hosted the authors on a podcast.  Chicago Reader highlighted the book, noting that it is “destined to be a go-to text for Chicago history courses.”

Lawyers, Guns & Money Podcast interviewed the Michael G. Hillard, Shredding Paper. Economic Update interviewed the author about his book. 

Aljazeera published an article by Somdeep Sen, Decolonizing Palestine.

Black Agenda Report hosted a book forum, featuring Monika Gosin, The Racial Politics of Division. mentions Stateless Subjects by Petrus Liu

H-Ukraine interviewed Christina E. Crawford and discussed the forthcoming book, Spatial Revolution.

RFI published an article, where Clémence Pinaud, War and Genocide in South Sudan, contributed analyses. 

Strategy Page published a book review of The Military Enlightenment by Christy L. Pichichero   originally appearing on the H-War website, calling the book a “tour de force.”

ISTHMUS publicized an upcoming lecture featuring the book, The Hungry Steppe by Sarah Cameron

Fulbright University Vietnam featured an article about The Saigon Sisters by Patricia D. Norland.

E-International Relations reviewed Warlord Survival by Romain Malejacq calling it a “very lively narrative.

Central European History reviewed Violence as Usual by Marie Muschalek, calling it an “important contribution.”

Daily Press published an article about John Cleese, mentioning the book, Professor at Large. 

New Books Network reviewed The Tsar’s Happy Occasion by Russell E. Martin, calling it an “in-depth but beautifully written study.”  SRB Podcast hosted the author as a guest on the podcast. 

New Books Network reviewed The Frontier Effect by Teo Ballvé, calling it an “insightful exploration of war.”

New Books in Intellectual History reviewed Republicanism, Communism, Islam by John T. Sidel.

KVPR interviewed Brad Jones, Resisting Independence.

Fulbright University Vietnam interviewed Patricia Norland about The Saigon Sisters.

The New Thinkery interviewed Joshua Parens and Joseph C. Macfarland, Medieval Political Philosophy.

NOTCHES interviewed Kirsten Leng about her book, Sexual Politics and Feminist Science by Kirsten Leng. 

Strategic Studies Quarterly reviewed Information Technology and Military Power by Jon R. Lindsay, noting that it “will appeal to a wide audience.”

Streetsblog NYC published an Op-Ed by Philip Mark Plotch, Last Subway.

The Journal of Japanese Studies published a book review by Tatiana Linkhoeva, Revolution Goes East. 

Journal of Sport History reviewed  Skis in the Art of War translated by William D. Frank and E. John B. Allen, calling it “of great interest.”

The Carmel Institute posted a book talk featuring Susanne Fusso, Editing Turgenev, Dostoevsky, and Tolstoy.

News @ Wesleyan published a review of What We Mean by the American Dream by Doron Taussig

The University of British Columbia Interdisciplinary Histories hosted a panel discussion featuring the Krisna Uk, Salvage. 

Ab Imperio reviewed Chronicles in Stone.

Ab Imperio reviewed Empire of Friends.

Ab Imperio reviewed Photographic Literacy.

Adirondack Explorer reviewed A Wild Idea.

American Anthropologist reviewed Street Sovereigns.

American Journal of Sociology reviewed More than Medicine.

American Journal of Sociology reviewed The Racial Politics of Division.

Canadian Slavonic Papers reviewed Intimate Violence.

Canadian Slavonic Papers reviewed Life Is Elsewhere.

Canadian Slavonic Papers reviewed Russian Conservatism.

Canadian Slavonic Papers reviewed Skis in the Art of War.

Canadian Slavonic Papers reviewed Smoking under the Tsars.

Canadian Slavonic Papers reviewed The Stuff of Soldiers.

Choice reviewed Black Market Business.

Choice reviewed Chicago’s Industrial Decline.

Choice  reviewed Detestable and Wicked Arts.

Choice  reviewed Hamilton and the Law.

Choice  reviewed Hunting Nature.

Choice reviewed The Laziness Myth.

Choice  reviewed The Things of Life.

Comparative Strategy reviewed Greek Warfare beyond the Polis.

Early American Literature reviewed Heaven’s Wrath.

Eighteenth-Century Fiction reviewed Unfelt.

Ethnic and Racial Studies reviewed Race-ing Fargo.

Europe-Asia Studies reviewed Stuck on Communism.

Europe-Asia Studies reviewed Stuck on Communism.

Francia-Recensio reviewed Bishops and the Politics of Patronage in Merovingian Gaul.

Francia-Recensio reviewed The Other Side of Empire.

Global Environmental Politics reviewed Repowering Cities.

Global Military Studies Review reviewed Comrades Betrayed.

H-Net reviewed Institutionalizing Gender.

H-Net reviewed Is Russia Fascist?

Harvard Law Review reviewed Authors and Apparatus.

International Affairs reviewed Special Duty.

Journal of British Studies reviewed Victorian Skin.

Journal of Modern History reviewed Framing Mary.

Journal of Mormon History reviewed Contingent Citizens.

Journal of Religious History reviewed Far from the Caliph’s Gaze. 

Journal of the American Academy of Religion reviewed Enlightenment and the Gasping City.

Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford reviewed The Things of Life.

Kritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History reviewed The Geopolitics of Spectacle. 

Medical Anthropology Quarterly reviewed Remembering the Present.

Modern Language Review reviewed Precarious Times.

Shashi: The Journal of Japanese Business and Company History reviewed Financial Stabilization in Meiji Japan.

Sixteenth Century Journal reviewed Realm between Empires.

Sixteenth Century Journal reviewed The Accommodated Jew.

SOJOURN reviewed Fifty Years in the Karen Revolution in Burma. 

SOJOURN reviewed Improvisational Islam. 

Southeastern Europe reviewed Amoral Communities.

Speculum reviewed Suspect Saints and Holy Heretics.

Survival: Global Politics and Strategy reviewed Bowling for Communism.

Survival: Global Politics and Strategy reviewed The Truth Society. 

The NYMAS Review reviewed Comrades Betrayed.

The NYMAS Review reviewed Greek Warfare Beyond the Polis.

The NYMAS Review reviewed Sage and Emperor.

The NYMAS Review reviewed The Anabasis of Cyrus.

The NYMAS Review reviewed The Life of Alcibiades.

The NYMAS Review reviewed The Machiavellian Enterprise.

The NYMAS Review reviewed The Shadow of the Past.

The Russian Review reviewed Polymaths of Islam. 

The Russian Review reviewed Witchcraft in Russia and Ukraine, 1000–1900.


1869, Ep. 107 with John O’Keefe, author of Stranger Citizens

Cover image of Stranger Citizens and author photo.


The USW Series Authors in Conversations: National Imaginaries and Identities in the Global 19th Century

The USW Series promotional image.

Top-10 Author Blog Posts

  1. Witchcraft and Magic in Russian and Ukrainian Lands Before 1900
  2. Racial Politics in Putin’s Russia
  3. How to Prevent Coups d’État
  4. “There is Death in the Pot!”: Consumer Activism and Slave-Labor Goods
  5. American Jews as “Liberal” as Ever
  6. The Oil Wars Myth and International Conflict
  7. The Questions Get Some Answers on Jews and Organized Crime
  8. The Japanese Economy: Before and After COVID-19
  9. The Hidden Conservatism of the ‘Radical’ Sixties Generation
  10. Cronenberg: “Eastern Promises” Inspired by Cornell’s “Violent Entrepreneurs”

July Bestsellers

  1. Four Texts on Socrates
  2. The Currency of Empire (OA ebook)
  3. Franz Kafka (OA ebook)
  4. Handbook of Nature Study
  5. Beekeeper’s Handbook 5th Ed.
  6. Unrivaled (ebook)
  7. Weeds of the Northeast
  8. The Idea of the Labyrinth from Classical Antiquity through the Middle Ages (OA ebook)
  9. The Birds of Costa Rica, 2nd edition
  10. Possessed (OA ebook)

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