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Cornell University Press Monthly Roundup: February!

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The Cornell University Press Marketing team compiled an informational summary of the most popular awards, publicity, journals, podcasts, author blog posts, and bestsellers of February 2021. Take a look!


Janine Larmon Peterson’s Suspect Saints and Holy Heretics: Disputed Sanctity and Communal Identity in Late Medieval Italy, has won honorable mention for the Hagiography Society Book Prize.

Taomo Zhou’s Migration in the Time of Revolution: China, Indonesia, and the Cold War, has won honorable mention for the Harry J. Benda Prize given by the Southeast Asia Council of the Association for Asian Studies.


The LA Review of Books reviewed Sex, Love, and Letters, calling it a “lucid and fascinating” account.

CNN published an op-ed by Jessica DuLong, author of Saved at the Seawall, which discussed the Capitol riot.

Chronicles published an op-ed by Paul Gottfried, author of The Vanishing Tradition.

Foreign Affairs published an op-ed by Danielle Lupton, author of Reputation for Resolve, which discussed Biden’s presidency. 

Foreign Affairs published an essay by Yelling Tan, author of Disaggregating China

Foreign Affairs reviewed Diagnosing Dissent by Rebecca Ayako Bennette in a capsule review

Foreign Affairs reviewed Revolution Goes East by Tatiana Linkhoeva in a capsule review.

Foreign Affairs reviewed The Things of Life by Alexey Golubev in a capsule review.

Catholic World Report wrote a feature about American Catholic.

Wexford to Broadway interviewed Larry Kirwan, author of Rockaway Blue, about his music. 

The International Bulletin of Mission Research named To Bring the Good News to All Nations as one of their top ten outstanding titles.

Japan Society reviewed Revolution Goes East.

CBC Radio interviewed Adelle Blackett, author of In Defense of Domestic Workers.

Association for Asian Studies published an excerpt of More than MedalsThe Page 99 Test reviewed the book. Mainichi Shimbun interviewed the author, Dennis Frost.

Ms. Magazine published an op-ed by Carol Mason, author of Killing for LifeThe Progressive published an op-ed by Carol Mason, as well.

The Village published an excerpt of The Hungry Steppe, and Tengrinews listed the book as one of the most bought books on Kazakhstan. 

Fulcrum published an op-ed by Ivan Small, author of Currencies of Imagination.

Workers World reviewed Black Freedom Fighters in Steel.

World Food Policy Center interviewed Michelle Jurovich, author of Feeding the Hungry, on their podcast. 

The Little Red Podcast interviewed Benno Weiner, author of The Chinese Revolution on the Tibetan Frontier, and Age of Revolutions published an op-ed by the author.

The Maritime Executive published an op-ed by Oriana Skylar Mastro, author of The Costs of Conversation.

UkeTube interviewed Christine D. Worobec and Prof. Valerie A. Kivelson, authors of Witchcraft in Russia and Ukraine, 1000-1900.

The Academic Minute featured Jessie Hewitt, author of Institutionalizing Gender.

New Books Network interviewed Rachel Applebaum, author of Empire of Friends.

Eurasian Geography and Economics reviewed Voices from the Soviet Edge

Choice reviewed Super Bomb

ILR Review reviewed Disrupting Deportability 

ILR Review reviewed Empire’s Labor

ILR Review reviewed Everyday Transgressions

ILR Review reviewed From Migrant to Worker

Journal of Cold War Studies reviewed Super Bomb

Journal of Global Security reviewed Democracy and Displacement in Colombia’s Civil War

Journal of Japanese Studies reviewed The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere

Perspective on Politics reviewed Reputation for Resolve

Slavonic and East European Review reviewed Yellow Star, Red Star 

World Politics reviewed Reputation for Resolve

Canadian-American Slavic Studies reviewed Photographic Literacy

Canadian-American Slavic Studies reviewed Russian Conservatism

Choice reviewed Crafting the Movement

Choice reviewed Diagnosing Dissent

Choice reviewed Regular Soldiers, Irregular War

Choice reviewed The Politics of Veteran Benefits in the Twentieth Century

Contemporary European History reviewed Is Time out of Joint

Contemporary European History reviewed Native to the Republic

Quarterly Review of Biology reviewed Nature beyond Solitude

The Journal of Asian Studies reviewed The Venture Capital State


1869, Episode 101 with Joel Christensen, author of The Many-Minded Man 319 listens

1869, Episode 102 with Danielle Lupton, author of Reputation for Resolve 155 listens

1869, Episode 103 with Allegra Martschenko, CUP Acquistions Assistant and Mellon Diversity Fellow  132 listens


Virtual Book Discussion on Judith Surkis’s Sex, Law, and Sovereignty in French Algeria 221 views
Cornell University Press Joins the CAAA 2021 Pan-Asian Celebration 39 views

Top-10 Author Blog Posts

  1. Myanmar’s Coup: A View from the Borderlands
  2. The Japanese Economy: Before and After COVID-19
  3. Myanmar: It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again
  4. Racial Politics in Putin’s Russia
  5. Human Minds and Homer’s Odyssey
  6. The Questions Get Some Answers on Jews and Organized Crime
  7. From West Oakland to Wakanda—the African American history that inspired Marvel’s “Black Panther”
  8. Witchcraft and Magic in Russian and Ukrainian Lands before 1900
  9. Legendary Real Estate Stuyvesant Town
  10. Understanding the use of Kompromat in Russian Politics: An Excerpt from Alena V. Ledeneva’s “How Russia Really Works”

February Bestsellers

  1. Brantlinger/Bread and Circuses (OA ebook)
  2. Westermann/Drunk on Genocide
  3. Kirwan/Rockaway Blue
  4. Linkhoeva/Revolution Goes East (OA ebook)
  5. Bartel/The Scholar as Human (OA ebook)
  6. Segal/Interpreting Greek Tragedy (OA ebook)
  7. Daniel/Women of the Catacombs
  8. Doob/Idea of the Labyrinth from Classical Antiquity through the Middle Ages (OA ebook)
  9. Kosseff/The Twenty-Six Words That Created the Internet
  10. Steinberg/ The Afterlives of the Terror (OA ebook)

*Featured photo: Green tree on grassland. Credit: Johann Siemens.

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