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The Cornell University Press Marketing team compiled an informational summary of the most popular awards, publicity, journals, podcasts, author blog posts, and bestsellers of August 2021. Take a look!


The New York Times published an article by Kira Thurman, Singing Like Germans.

The New York Times mentioned Jessica DuLong and her working an article.

The New York Times published an article that mentions Vincent Kiernan and his forthcoming book, Atomic BIllDNYUZ republished the article from the NY TimesNew American Journal published an article that mentions the author and forthcoming book.

NPR published an article that recommends the Fault Lines by Beverly Bell. WEMU 89.1 published an article that recommends the book, originally published on NPRPublic Radio East published an article that recommends the book, originally published on NPR.

The Washington Post reviewed Oil Money by David M. Wight, noting that it “offers a rich, thorough and sophisticated description”.

Los Angeles Review of Books featured an article that was co-authored by Joel Christensen, The Many-Minded Man.

Foreign Affairs reviewed The Chinese Revolution on the Tibetan Frontier by Benno Weiner and featured it in “Three Books on Tibet.”

Foreign Affairs mentioned Oriana Skylar Maestro, The Cost of Conversation, in an article

Chicago Tribune mentioned Lakefront by Joseph D. Kearney in the articlePolitico published an article that mentions the authors. Politico mentioned the author and the book in an article.

San Francisco Book Review reviewed Bird Talk by Barbara Ballentine, calling it “highly recommend[ed].”

War on the Rocks published an essay by Francis J. Gavin, Nuclear Statecraft.

Campaign for the American Reader featured The Future Conditional by Eric S. Henry. The Page 99 Test also featured the book. CaMP Anthropology interviewed the author. 

The Times of Israel highlighted Warsaw Ghetto Police by Katarzyna Person. QOSHE republished the article, originally published in The Times of IsraelEditor 99 republished the article, originally published in The Times of Israel.

The Jewish Foundation for the Righteous recommended Drunk on Genocide by Edward B. Westermann for July 2021.

National Endowment for the Humanities featured More than Medals by Dennis J. Frost on the “Virtual Bookshelf: Disability Pride Month.” Art Beat interviewed the author. Fellowship included the book on the “Book Spotlight” list. Truly the GOATs featured the author as a guest on the podcast. American Historical Association published an article by the author. Wittenberg University Office of Alumni Engagement interviewed the author and highlights the new book. 

Encounters with Polish Literature interviewed Ursula Phillips, translator of Boundary. Polish Cultural Institute in New York published the episode.

89.9 FM interviewed Laura Dresser, co-editor of The Gloves-off Economy.

Midwest Book Review reviewed All Societies Die by Samuel Cohn, calling it “judiciously researched and expertly written.” Armchair Scholars Podcast interviewed the author about his book. featured A Wild Idea by Brad Edmondson, and the upcoming publicity.

Aljazeera published an article by Somdeep Sen, Decolonizing Palestine.

Shepherd featured a list that Patrice M. Dabrowski, author of Poland, picked of the “best books that capture the complexity of Poland and Polish history.” 

UkeTube featured an interview with Patrice M. Dabrowski about her forthcoming book, The Carpathians.

Cavalier Thoughts reviewed Russian Conservatism by Paul Robinson, calling it “an impressive achievement.” Russia Reviewed reviewed the book, calling it “an important contribution.”

ASEEES interviewed Russell E. Martin, The Tsar’s Happy Occasion, for a member spotlight, mentioning his book.

New Books in American Studies interviewed Amy J. Rutenberg, Rough Draft.

FEPS Talks interviewed Jonathan Kirshner, American Power after the Financial Crisis, on the podcast.

The NYMAS Review reviewed Machiavelli’s Three Romes by Vickie B. Sullivan, calling it “inviting and accessible.”

10,000 Birds reviewed Bird Talk by Barbara Ballentine and Jeremy Hyman, calling the scientific information “effortless to read and process.”

Stone Pier Press reviewed Our Changing Menu by Michael P. Hoffmann, Carrie Koplinka-Loehr, and Danielle L. Eiseman, calling it an “excellent introduction to the science behind our changing planet.”

International Centre for Tax and Development provided an abstract for Imposing Standards by Martin Hearson.

The Law and Political Economy Project hosted a symposium on The Neoliberal Republic by Antoine Vauchez and Pierre France. Tocqueville21 reviewed the book. 

Church Life Journal posted an excerpt from Bernard of Clairvaux by Brian Patrick McGuire. 

Ab Imperio reviewed Stuck on Communism.

Arkitekturkultur reviewed Crafting History.

Choice reviewed Ideal Minds.

Choice reviewed Lawmaking under Pressure.

Choice reviewed Lyric as Comedy.

Choice reviewed Nested Nationalism.

Choice reviewed Taking Care of Our Own.

Choice reviewed The Greek Fire.

Choice reviewed The Many-Minded Man.

Dickens Quarterly reviewed Victorian Skin.

Early Medieval Europe reviewed Dark Age Nunneries.

Early Medieval Europe reviewed Fifty Early Medieval Things.

H-Diplo Roundtable reviewed Reagan’s Gun-Toting Nuns.

Histoire sociale/Social History reviewed Lethal Provocation.

History of Education Quarterly reviewed Creating the Suburban School Advantage.

International Journal of Asian Studies reviewed Indonesians and Their Arab World.

Isis Journal reviewed Sovereign Necropolis.

Journal of Church and State reviewed Contingent Citizens.

Journal of Early American History reviewed Quarters.

Journal of Interdisciplinary History reviewed Creating the Suburban School Advantage.

Journal of Linguistic Anthropology reviewed Mixed Messages.

Journal of Sport History reviewed Skis in the Art of War.

Law & Social Inquiry reviewed Fluid Jurisdictions.

Law & Social Inquiry reviewed Lawmaking Under Pressure.

Le Moyen Age reviewed Fifty Early Medieval Things.

Middle East Journal reviewed Beyond Exception.

Modern Language Quarterly reviewed Art and Engagement in Early Postwar Japan.

Museum and Society reviewed Crafting History.

Sibirica reviewed Mixed Messages.

Times Literary Supplement reviewed Bernard of Clairvaux.

The European Conservative reviewed Russian Conservatism.

The Journal of Japanese Studies reviewed Financial Stabilization in Meiji Japan.

The Journal of Japanese Studies reviewed Nation-Empire.

The Journal of Japanese Studies reviewed Special Duty.


1869, Ep. 108 with David Wight, author of Oil Money

Ep. 108 with David Wight.

Most Recent Author Blog Posts

  1. Witchcraft and Magic in Russian and Ukrainian Lands before 1900 
  2. Racial Politics in Putin’s Russia
  3. How to Prevent Coups d’État
  4. American Jews as “Liberal” as Ever
  5. The Oil Wars Myth and International Conflict
  6. Climate Change and its Effect on Our Food
  7. Solzhenitsyn on the Edge of the Abyss
  8. Mass Vaccination and the Chinese Communist Party
  9. The Japanese Economy Before and After COVID-19
  10. The Hidden Conservatism of the ‘Radical’ Sixties Generation

August Bestsellers

  1. Four Texts on Socrates
  2. Lives of Weeds
  3. The Racial Contract
  4. Beekeeper’s Handbook 5th Ed.
  5. Saved at the Seawall
  6. The Idea of the Labyrinth from Classical Antiquity through the Middle Ages (OA ebook)
  7. Weeds of the Northeast
  8. A Vulnerable System
  9. Handbook of Nature Study
  10. The Inconvenient Journalist

Featured Image: August Calendar. Credit: Laura Pratt.

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