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Cornell University Press Monthly Roundup: April!

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The Cornell University Press Marketing team compiled an informational summary of the most popular awards, publicity, journals, podcasts, author blog posts, and bestsellers of April 2021. Take a look!


Chelsey L. Kivland’s Street Sovereigns: Young Men and the Makeshift State in Urban Haiti, is winner of the Isis Duarte Prize given by the Haiti-DR Section of the Latin American Studies Association.

Katherine Lemons’ Divorcing Traditions: Islamic Marriage Law and the Making of Indian Secularism, has won honorable mention for the South Asian Muslim Studies Association Book Prize.

Stephen Badalyan Riegg’s Russia’s Entangled Embrace: The Tsarist Empire and the Armenians, 1801-1914, is winner of the Ab Imperio Award given by the Ab Imperio Quarterly.


NY1 interviewed Dan Garodnick about his new book, Saving Stuyvesant Town. City & State New York reviewed the book. The Eminent Domain Podcast interviewed the author on his new book. Crain’s New York interviewed author Dan Garodnick. New York Almanack featured the book. The Spirit newspaper published a feature article on the book and author. A Climb to the Top interviewed the author on his new book. 

The New York Post featured Rockaway Blue by Larry Kirwan in a round up. BloggerRythms reviewed the book.  

The Washington Post published an op-ed by Yuen Yuen Ang, How China Escaped the Poverty Trap, about China’s political communications.

The Washington Post, The Monkey Cage, featured an article written by author Nicholas Miller, Stopping the Bomb.

The Chicago Tribune published an op-ed by Joseph D. Kearney and Thomas W. Merrill, Lakefront.  

BBC Radio interviewed Tom Scott-Smith, On an Empty Stomach.

Counter Punch published an op-ed by Ralph Nader on Letters to and From and Anthropologist by Laura Nader. Eurasia Review published the same op-ed.

Fortune published an op-ed by author, Michael Hoffman, Our Changing Menu. Cornell Chronicle published a feature on Our Changing Menu by Michael Hoffman. The National Tribune published the same articleScience Magazine published the same article. Table published a summary of the book in their magazine and on their website. Yale Climate Connections included the book as suggested reading in their weekly digest (newsletter). AZO Life Sciences reviewed the book. 

Center for American Progress published research by David Madland, Re-UnionOn Labor featured an article written by David Madland. Great Ideas interviewed the author. Politicus USA interviewed the author.  The Rick Smith Show interviewed the author. The Dean Obeidallah Show interviewed the author. 

Detroit Today of WDET 101.9 FM interviewed author Jim Freeman, Rich Thanks to Racism. Nomiki Konst Show interviewed author Jim Freeman. Make it Plain with Mark Thompson interviewed the author Jim Freeman. WokeAF interviewed the author Jim Freeman. 

The Houston Chronicle published an op-ed by Edward Westerman, Drunk on GenocidePage 99 Test reviewed Drunk on Genocide by Edward Westermann. Spine Magazine listed the book cover in their top covers.

On the Media, WNYC Studios interviewed author Chris Martin, No Longer Newsworthy.

The Hill published an op-ed written by Ray Brescia, The Future of Change.

War on the Rocks published an article by Francis Gavin, Nuclear Statecraft.

History’s Most interviewed Jay Lockenour, Dragonslayer

Foreign Affairs reviewed Revolution Goes East by Tatiana Linkhoeva in a capsule review.

Foreign Affairs reviewed The Things of Life by Alexey Golubev in a capsule review.

Foreign Affairs reviewed Diagnosing Dissent by Rebecca Bennette in a capsule review.

Foreign Affairs featured an essay written by Yeling Tan, Disaggregating China, Inc.

Foreign Affairs featured an essay written by Jonathan Krishner, When the Movies Mattered

Foreign Affairs published an article written by Krista Goff, Nested Nationalism.

Maine Public interviewed Michael Hillard, Shredding Paper. University of Southern Maine announced the interview in this missive.

New Books Network interviewed Dennis Frost, More Than Medals.

New Books Network interviewed author Y. Yvon Wang, Reinventing Licentiousness

The New Rambler reviewed Theaters of Pardoning by Bernadette Meyler.

The National Herald featured an article adaptation of The Greek Fire by Maureen Connors Santelli. 

Al-Akhbar reviewed When Blame Backfires by Anne Baylouny.

The National Review interviewed Wayne Ambler, The Anabasis of Cyrus by Xenophon translated by Wayne Ambler. Wayne Ambler speaks about the book.

Upstream Downstream Podcast interviewed Rodney Smolla, Confessions of a Free Speech Lawyer. Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Books reviewed the book. 

Lone Star Literary Life mentioned All Societies Die by Samuel Cohn.

The First News published a feature on Warsaw Ghetto Police by Katarzyna Person.

Transplant Recipients International Organization reviewed Kidney to Share by Martha Gershun. The Living Donation Storytelling Project featured Martha Gershun speaking about the book. The Kansas City Jewish Chronicle published an article promoting the book. Up to Date interviewed the author. 

The Print mentioned The Audacious Raconteur by Leela Prasad in an article.

H-Net, H-Empirereviewed Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere by Jeremy Yellen.

The Conversation published an article written by Joel Christensen, The Many Minded Man.

Asian Review of Books reviewed Saigon Sisters by Patricia Norland. The Arlington Connection reviewed the book. 

UkeTube featured Christine Worobec reading an excerpt from her book, Witchcraft in Russia and Ukraine. Papers Falling from an Attic Window reviewed the book. 

The Journal of the American Revolution reviewed Resisting Independence by Brad A. Jones.

Japan Sport Stories interviewed Dennis Frost, More than Medals. New Books Network interviewed the author. Palms to Pines Parasports interviewed the author. 

Harvard Business Review published an article written Cheryl Strauss Einhorn, Investing in Financial Research. 

AFT/A Union of Professionals published article written by LaTonya Trotter, More than Medicine.

Engineering News Record published an article by Susan Eisenberg, We’ll Call You If We Need You.

American Journal of Sociology reviewed The Racial Politics of Division.

Asian Affairs reviewed Remaking the Chinese Empire.

Bryn Mawr Classical Review reviewed John Milton.

Central European History reviewed The Scholems.

China Information reviewed Driving Toward Modernity.

Choice reviewed Engaging the Evil Empire.

Choice reviewed Homelands.

Choice reviewed Race-ing Fargo.

Choice reviewed The Future of Change.

European History Quarterly reviewed Mettray.

EuropeNow reviewed Competing Germanies.

First Things reviewed To Bring the Good News to All Nations.

H-Net/H-War reviewed The Day After.

Idées d’Amériques reviewed To Bring the Good News to All Nations.

International Affairs reviewed To Bring the Good News to All Nations.

International Journal of Frontier Missiology reviewed To Bring the Good News to All Nations.

International Relations reviewed Super Bomb.

Journal of the History of Philosophy reviewed Platonism and Naturalism.

Milton Quarterly reviewed National Reckonings.

Nihon Kenkyū reviewed Good Dogs.

Public Anthropologist reviewed On an Empty Stomach.

Situations reviewed The Novel in Transition.

Slavonic and East European Review reviewed Bowling for Communism.

The Classical Review reviewed Platonism and Naturalism.

The Journal of Asian Studies reviewed Waste.

The Journal of Power Institutions in Post-Soviet Societies reviewed The Politics of Veteran Benefits in the Twentieth Century.

The Journal of the History of Childhood and Youth reviewed Nation-Empire.

The Medieval Review reviewed Suspect Saints and Holy Heretics.

The Middle East Journal reviewed Black Gold and Blackmail.

The Middle East Journal reviewed When Blame Backfires.

The Modernist Review reviewed Dynamic Form.

The NYMAS Review reviewed Sage and Emperor.

The Review of Faith reviewed To Bring the Good News to All Nations.

Video Podcasts

Author Samuel Cohn Discusses Why All Societies Die

Cover image of All Societies Die.

Top-10 Author Blog Posts

  1. The Japanese Economy: Before and After COVID-19
  2. Climate Change and Its Effect on Our Food
  3. Racial Politics in Putin’s Russia
  4. Michael Trask on the Seventies Intellectual Landscape
  5. Witchcraft and Magic in Russian and Ukrainian Lands Before 1900
  6. The Oil Wars Myth and International Conflict
  7. Ryan Griffiths on Secessionist Movements
  8. The Jewish Police in Ghettoized Communities
  9. From West Oakland to Wakanda—the African American history that inspired Marvel’s “Black Panther”
  10. American Jews as “Liberal” as Ever

April Bestsellers

  1. Rich Thanks to Racism
  2. Beekeeper’s Handbook 5th Ed.
  3. Wildflowers of New York City
  4. Lakefront
  5. Handbook of Nature Study
  6. Possessed
  7. A Wild Idea
  8. The Writing Public (OA ebook)
  9. Irregular Unions (OA ebook)
  10. The Racial Contract 

*Featured photo: Easter eggs in a basket. Credit: Annie Spratt.

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