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Interim Directors

During the interim period while we search for a new director, the four department managers are sharing the responsibilities and duties of Press Director. Emailing the link below will ensure all four interim directors receive your communication and the appropriate person will respond as soon as possible.

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Patrick Garrison

Data Processing Manager

With the University Press since 1987, first working as the lead operator and programmer/analyst for the Press sponsored fulfillment service through 2016, when this was closed and outsourced. Subsequently I’ve been in good company working at the editorial office, supporting the local IT infrastructure as well as data extraction, analysis and verification between the new fulfillment service and the “press-wide database” that is the referential point of information about the books produced by the Press and affiliates. In the off hours I enjoy cooking, films or television series in multiple genres, Linux and computer games, all in the company of my wife and our cats.

607 253 2333
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Michael Morris

Assistant to the Director

Michael Morris is happy to work for a business which has the express aim of enlightening the world. Mike is the inventor of the Press’s Bat Tickler™ and his favorite dance is Cornell’s 2-Step Log-In. If there’s a spare moment, Mike enjoys reading short personal bios to his family’s two dogs, Biscuits & Gravy.

607 253 2356
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