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With more than 6,000 books in print, it’s sometimes hard to remember everything we’ve published in our more than 150 years of existence. So, every now and then, we take a deep dive into the backlist to remind ourselves. Our Backlist Bonanza sale is your chance to do the same!

Are you a professor of political science, sociology, or literature? Maybe a historian? Nature explorers, scientists, philosophers, film enthusiasts, and Beatles fans, this sale is for you, too!

The Backlist Bonanza has a book for every reader.

During this sale, every book published before December 31, 2015, is 50 percent off with free shipping!

Now’s your chance to do some digging on our website to find your bonanza of books. Let your imagination fly, but if you need inspiration, check out the bestsellers from each decade since the 1950s that we’ve put together for you.

This incredible deal can only last for three days, though. It starts on Wednesday, May 27th and ends on Friday, May 29th. Fill your shopping cart, enter promo code 09BONANZA at checkout, and enjoy your next read!

*This offer is only available to customers in the United States and is valid only on print books. (Leuven University Press books are not included.)

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