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Author Insights on the Coronavirus Pandemic

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To help you better understand the impact of coronavirus on the global community, we’re collecting our authors’ insights on the pandemic on this page. Their expert opinions showcase the diversity and breadth of experiences and subjects that are affected by COVID-19.

World Development:

The pandemic under siege: A view from the Gaza Strip, by Somdeep Sen.

Education News Canada:

Leah Vosko brings her expertise in temporary labor migration and labor standards enforcement to the working group.

Daily News:

Pandemics, Policing and the Curse of Localism, by Robert W. Snyder and Fritz Umbach.

University of Cambridge:

Six key techniques to having “courageous” work conversations in the Zoom era from Professor Mark de Rond.

Australian Institute of International Affairs:

Can a Virus (Re)Shape Organised Crime?, by Felia Allum and Diego Bolchini.

Spectrum News:

Albany Law School Prof. Ray Brescia talks about how social movements can actually bring people together. 

Georgia State University’s Mia Bloom discusses how violent jihadist and right-wing extremists are trying to capitalize on the COVID-19 crisis.


Georgia State University’s Mia Bloom discusses how violent jihadist and right-wing extremists are trying to capitalize on the COVID-19 crisis.

Atlanta Jewish Times:

A new piece on how COVID-19 breeds terrorism, featuring expert Mia Bloom.

Consumer Reports:

A new article about going back to work while COVID-19 is still spreading, mentions author Jonathan Karmel and his #CornellPress book, Dying to Work: Death and Injury in the American Workplace.

Global Policy:

New article on lessons for the COVID-19 crisis by Laurissa Mühlich, Barbara Fritz, William N. Kring, and #CornellPress author Kevin P. Gallagher.

The Conversation:

Franz Breithaupt on social distancing over the course of human history.

Montana Standard:

Hope in a time of COVID-19: Gentle, fierce, honest and true, by
Tobin Miller Shearer.

Cornell Chronicle:

COVID-19 impact: Lawrence Glickman on crisis at hyperspeed.


A new piece by Somdeep Sen about India in the face of COVID-19.


Ray Brescia’s book, The Future of Change: Technology, Social Movements, and Social Changediscussed in The Path Forward From Pandemic To A Green New World.

Monkey Cage:

This is the problem with calling it a ‘war’ against coronavirus, analysis by Danielle Lupton.

LA Progressive:

New article by Suzanne Gordon about California’s long-term care facilities in the time of COVID-19. 


Yes, People Are Dying. But It’s Still Okay to Worry About Your Job, by Dan Meegan.

Anderson Cooper 360:

Interview with Theresa MacPhail about the US’s handling of the pandemic.

Japan on the Record:

Podcast with Eiko Maruko Siniawer to contextualize the recent toilet paper panic.

National Geographic:

Article featuring Eiko Maruko Siniawer on toilet paper hoarding.

EPeak World News:

Round table discussion on public spending during the coronavirus crisis, including author Josh Bivens.

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