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Spirited Politics
Religion and Public Life in Contemporary Southeast Asia
The essays in Spirited Politics throw light on predicaments that spring from the intersection of religion, ethnicity, and nationalism in contemporary Southeast Asian public life. Covering material from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines, the contributors explore the calamities and ironies of Southeast Asian identity politics...

Indonesia Journal
October 2004

Southern Vietnam under the Reign of Minh Mang (1820–1841)
Central Policies and Local Response
Choi Byung Wook
This study of nineteenth-century Vietnam focuses on interactions between the Vietnamese king, Minh Mang, and the heterogeneous southern region of the country, which he sought to bring more firmly under state control through a series of...

Indonesia Journal
April 2004

Sumatran Sultanate and Colonial State
Jambi and the Rise of Dutch Imperialism, 1830–1907
Elsbeth Locher-Scholten
The first English translation of Professor Locher-Scholten's 1994 Dutch text, a study of the reaction to Dutch colonial expansion by the Sumatran sultanate of Jambi. The Dutch text has been called "an excellent teaching tool for work on...

Indonesia Journal
October 2003

Indonesia Journal
April 2003

Southeast Asia over Three Generations
Essays Presented to Benedict R. O'G. Anderson
In honor of Benedict Anderson's many years as a teacher and his profound contributions to the field of Southeast Asian studies, the editors have collected essays from a number of the many scholars who studied with him. These articles deal with...

Golddiggers, Farmers, and Traders in the "Chinese Districts" of West Kalimantan, Indonesia
Mary Somers Heidhues
This study examines the changing role of the Chinese community of West Kalimantan, particularly its economic and social relationships. Heidhues explores the history of the community from the early nineteenth century establishment of the kongsis to...

Indonesia Journal
October 2002

Indonesia Journal
April 2002

Fear and Sanctuary
Burmese Refugees in Thailand
Hazel J. Lang
An examination of the plight of the refugees of Burma's protracted civil war, many of whom have fled across the border into Thailand. This study looks at the changing nature of the refugee situation and the responses of the parties involved...

Opusculum de Sectis apud Sinenses et Tunkinenses
A Small Treatise on the Sects among the Chinese and Tonkinese
Father Adriano di St. Thecla
This 1750 text, written by a Catholic missionary in Tonkin, is the earliest known systematic first-hand account of Vietnamese religious...

Gender, Household, State
Doi Moi in Viet Nam
A collection of essays addressing the state of women's lives in Viet Nam during doi moi, the period of economic market reforms that characterized the nation in the 1990s. These fascinating and varied essays illuminate women's daily lives as they...

Modern Dreams
An Inquiry into Power, Cultural Production, and the Cityscape in Contemporary Urban Penang, Malaysia
Beng-Lan Goh
A fascinating ethnographic study of the cultural politics of urban redevelopment in Kampung Serani, one Penang community, in the 1990s. Through interviews, newspaper reports, and other records, Goh considers changing notions of culture...

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