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The City on the Hill
A History of Leuven University, 1968–2005
Jo Tollebeek, Nys Liesbet
This book tells a story of contestation, but also of professionalization, of ever more specialized scholarship and its research triumph.

A Class of Their Own
The Düsseldorf School of Photography
Maren Polte
The 'Düsseldorf School' has become a household name in the art world for one of the most successful and influential strains of modern photography. Coined in the late 1980s, the name refers mainly to the pioneer group of students of the late Bernd Becher, who in 1976 became the first professor for creative photography at a German arts academy...

Close Reading New Media
Analyzing Electronic Literature
Jan Van Looy, Jan Baetens
Close Reading New Media is the first publication to apply the method of close analysis to new media. Since the early nineteen-nineties, electronic art and literature have continually gained importance in artistic and academic circles. Significant...

Cold War Triangle
How Scientists in East and West Tamed HIV
Renilde Loeckx
A small group of scientists were doggedly working in the field of antiviral treatments when the AIDS epidemic struck. Faced with one of the grand challenges of modern biology of the twentieth century, scientists worked across the political divide of the Cold War to produce a new class of antivirals. Their molecules were developed by a...

Collected Studies on Francisco Suarez SJ (1548–1617)
John P. Doyle
John P. Doyle's groundbreaking studies of Francisco Suarez's imposing yet highly original system of scholasticism have helped to make the Jesuit's ideas tractable and accessible. This volume collects Doyle's most important articles on the...

Collective Inventions
Surrealism in Belgium
Lieven Gevaert Series 5 Surrealism's French manifestations are best known, but Belgium also had a complex history of Surrealist activity in the early twentieth century, one as radical and visionary as that in France. A number of groups affiliated...

A Commentary on Plutarch's "De latenter vivendo"
Geert Roskam
In this book, Plutarch's anti-Epicurean polemic is understood against the background of the previous philosophical tradition.

Communication, Life, Mega-evolution
Decrypting Life's Nature
A. De Loof

Community and State in the Japanese Farm Village
Farm Tenancy Conciliation (1924–1938)
Dimitri Vanoverbeke
In fact, this is the first book-length study on the farm tenancy conciliation procedure and analysis of the Japanese government's wish to maintain tradition at al cost in the farmer community.

Companion to Neo-Latin Studies
History and Diffusion of Neo-Latin Literature
Jozef Ijsewijn
Part I of the landmark Companion to Neo-Latin Studies is a comprehensive history of Neo-Latin writings (both literary and scientific) arranged according to geographical and cultural areas.

Companion to Neo-Latin Studies
Literary, Linguistic, Philological and Editorial Questions
Jozef Ijsewijn, Dirk Sacré
Part II of the landmark Companion to Neo-Latin Studies covers all the relevant literary forms and genres of Neo-Latin literature, as well as their characteristics and evolution.

Composing under the Skin
The Music-making Body at the Composer's Desk
Paul Craenen
Composer Paul Craenen explores ways in which the musician’s body is revealed in musical performance.

The Concept of Love in 17th and 18th Century Philosophy
"Love is joy with the accompanying idea of an external cause." Spinoza's definition of love manifests a major paradigm shift achieved by seventeenth-century Europe, in which the emotions, formerly seen as normative "forces of nature," were embraced by...

The Concept of Russia
Patterns for Political Development in the Russian Federation

Conceptual, Surrealist, Pictorial
Photo-Based Art in Belgium (1960s – early 1990s)
Liesbeth Decan
Conceptual, Surrealist, Pictorial is the first in-depth study of the use of photography by Belgian artists from the 1960s until the early 1990s.

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