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Modern and Contemporary Southeast Asian Art
An Anthology
This anthology explores artistic practices and works from a diverse and vibrant region.

Glimpses of Freedom
Independent Cinema in Southeast Asia
Glimpses of Freedom is the outcome of a project collaboratively conceived by a new generation of scholars of cinema in Southeast Asia, inspired by the growing domestic and international visibility of notable films and videos from the region.

Student Activism in Malaysia
Crucible, Mirror, Sideshow
Meredith L. Weiss
This work traces the early rise and subsequent decline of politically effective student activism in Malaysia, shedding new light on the dynamics of mobilization and on the key role of students and universities in postcolonial political development.

Indonesia Journal
October 2011

Indonesia Journal
April 2011

Political Authority and Provincial Identity in Thailand
The Making of Banharn-buri
Yoshinori Nishizaki
This book reinterprets the controversial career of the powerful Thai politician Banharn Silpa-archa and offers a detailed portrait of the voters who support him.

Vietnam and the West
New Approaches
Examines the ways in which the Vietnamese have reformulated conceptions of the West within their own cultural context. In essays examining Catholicism, medicine, literature, gender relations, labor unions, the "third force," and Agent...

Proto-Austronesian Phonology with Glossary
John U. Wolff
Volume 1 is divided into seven parts and covers the geographical spread of the An languages and the history of each of the thirty-seven languages studied here.

Proto-Austronesian Phonology with Glossary
John U. Wolff
Volume 2 of the Proto-Austronesian Phonology is divided into four parts and contains a glossary, finder lists from the English translation, a bibliography, and an index.

Indonesia Journal
October 2010

Cultures at War
The Cold War and Cultural Expression in Southeast Asia
The Cold War in Southeast Asia was a many-faceted conflict, driven by regional historical imperatives as much as by the contest between global superpowers. The essays in this book offer the most detailed and probing examination to date of the cultural...

The Ambiguous Allure of the West
Traces of the Colonial in Thailand
The Ambiguous Allure of the West examines the impact of Western imperialism on Thai cultural development from the 1850s to the...

Indonesia Journal
April 2010

Indonesia Journal
October 2009

State of Authority
State in Society in Indonesia
A major realignment is taking place in the way we understand the state in Indonesia. New studies on local politics, ethnicity, the democratic transition, corruption, Islam, popular culture, and other areas hint at novel concepts of the state...

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