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Indonesia Journal
April 1997

Cutting Across the Lands
An Annotated Bibliography on Natural Resource Management and Community Development in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia
An annotated bibliography focused on Borneo and the Southern Philippines. With over 1,000 citations, this reference work identifies patterns of forestland transformation common to the areas under consideration. A subject index...

Young Heroes
The Indonesian Family in Politics
Saya S. Shiraishi
An exploration of the family as a cultural, historical, and political construction in New Order Indonesia. The linkage of family life to politics was an integral part of Suharto's New Order ideology. With extensive fieldwork and research...

Indonesia Journal
October 1996

Indonesia Journal
April 1996

Making Indonesia
Dedicated to George McT. Kahin, this collection examines the genesis and evolution of the modern Indonesian nation-state. Essay topics range from the nation's imaginative conception to the Suharto government's political and financial...

Interpreting Development
Capitalism, Democracy, and the Middle Class in Thailand
John L.S. Girling, John Girling, John L. S. Girling
A study of rapid capitalist development in Thailand and the rivalries generated not only between the older bureaucracy and the newer, rising entrepreneurial elite, but also between urban and rural entrepreneurs. Girling explores the classic...

The Revolution Falters
The Left in Philippine Politics after 1986
A detailed investigation of the contemporary Philippine Left, focusing on the political challenges and dilemmas that confronted activists following the disintegration of the Marcos regime and the reestablishment of electoral democracy under...

Sbek Thom
Khmer Shadow Theater
Pech Tum Kravel
A book studying the history and significance of shadow puppet theater in Cambodia. Khmer and English texts, as well as 153 full-page photographs, describe the Khmer Reamker, an ancient story whose episodes and characters have figured in...

Indonesia Journal
October 1995

Indonesia Journal
April 1995

Essays into Vietnamese Pasts
Essays that demonstrate ways to "read" the pasts of Vietnam through detailed analyses of its art, chronicles, legends, documents, and monuments. The book's many voices undermine the idea of a single Vietnamese past. All the essays, while varied...

In the Land of Lady White Blood
Southern Thailand and the Meaning of History
Lorraine Gesick
An examination—through manuscripts preserved from the seventeenth century to the present—of the historical sensibilities and mindset of rural...

The Vernacular Press and the Emergence of Modern Indonesian Consciousness
Ahmat Adam
A unique study of the growth and development of the Indonesian press and its influence on the birth of a modern Indonesian socioeconomic and political consciousness. It details the evolution of the vernacular press and its resulting conflicts...

Indonesia Journal
October 1994

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