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Tempting Fate
Why Nonnuclear States Confront Nuclear Opponents
Paul C. Avey

Mass Vaccination
Citizens' Bodies and State Power in Modern China
Mary Augusta Brazelton

Driving toward Modernity
Cars and the Lives of the Middle Class in Contemporary China
Jun Zhang

Migration in the Time of Revolution
China, Indonesia, and the Cold War
Taomo Zhou

Beyond the Asylum
Mental Illness in French Colonial Vietnam
Claire E. Edington
Claire Edington's fascinating look at psychiatric care in French colonial Vietnam challenges our notion of the colonial asylum as a closed setting, run by experts with unchallenged authority, from which patients rarely left. She shows instead a society in which Vietnamese communities and families actively participated in psychiatric...

Remaking the Chinese Empire
Manchu-Korean Relations, 1616–1911
Yuanchong Wang
Remaking the Chinese Empire examines China’s development from an empire into a modern state through the lens of Sino-Korean political relations during the Qing period. Incorporating Korea into the historical narrative of the Chinese empire, it demonstrates that the Manchu regime used its relations with Chosŏn Korea to establish, legitimize, and...

Profits and Principles
Global Capitalism and Human Rights in China
Michael A. Santoro
After the Tiananmen Square massacre, a vigorous international debate erupted, not only about human rights in China, but also about the role of multinational firms. Should corporations do business in China at all? Should corporations take a stand...

Knowing Words
Wisdom and Cunning in the Classical Traditions of China and Greece
Lisa Raphals

China's Longest Campaign
Birth Planning in the People's Republic, 1949–2005
Tyrene White
In the late 1970s, just as China was embarking on a sweeping program of post-Mao reforms, it also launched a one-child campaign. This campaign, which cut against the grain of rural reforms and childbearing preferences, was the culmination of...

Views of Seventeenth-Century Vietnam
Christoforo Borri on Cochinchina and Samuel Baron on Tonkin
Samuel Baron, Christoforo Borri
This volume introduces two of the earliest writings about Vietnam to appear in the English language. The reports come from narrators with different interests who are viewing different parts of Vietnam at an early stage of European involvement in...

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