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Fifty Years in the Karen Revolution in Burma
The Soldier and the Teacher
Ralph, Sheera
Fifty Years in the Karen Revolution in Burma is about commitment to an ideal, individual survival and the universality of the human experience. A memoir of two tenacious souls, it sheds light on why Burma/Myanmar's decades-long pursuit for a peaceful and democratic future has been elusive. Simply put, the aspirations of Burma's ethnic...

The Republic of Vietnam, 1955–1975
Vietnamese Perspectives on Nation Building
Through the voices of senior officials, teachers, soldiers, journalists, and artists, The Republic of Vietnam, 1955–1975, presents us with an interpretation of "South Vietnam" as a passionately imagined nation in the minds of ordinary Vietnamese, rather than merely as an expeditious political construct of the United States government.The moving...

Activists in Transition
Progressive Politics in Democratic Indonesia

Rebel Politics
A Political Sociology of Armed Struggle in Myanmar's Borderlands
David Brenner
Rebel Politics analyzes the changing dynamics of the civil war in Myanmar, one of the most entrenched armed conflicts in the world. Since 2011, a national peace process has gone hand-in-hand with escalating ethnic conflict. The Karen National Union (KNU), previously known for its uncompromising stance against the central government of Myanmar...

Scandal and Democracy
Media Politics in Indonesia
Mary E. McCoy
Successful transitions to enduring democracy are both difficult and rare. In Scandal and Democracy, Mary E. McCoy explores how newly democratizing nations can avoid reverting to authoritarian solutions in response to the daunting problems brought about by sudden change. The troubled transitions that have derailed democratization in nations...

Hamka and Islam
Cosmopolitan Reform in the Malay World
Khairudin Aljunied
Since the early twentieth century, Muslim reformers have been campaigning for a total transformation of the ways in which Islam is imagined in the Malay world. One of the most influential is the author Haji Abdul Malik bin Abdul Karim Amrullah, commonly known as Hamka.In Hamka and Islam, Khairudin Aljunied employs the term "cosmopolitan reform"...

A.U.A. Language Center Thai Course
Book 2
J. Marvin Brown

The Land of Gold
Post-Conflict Recovery and Cultural Revival in Independent Timor-Leste
Judith M. Bovensiepen
In the village of Funar, located in the central highlands of Timor-Leste, the disturbing events of the twenty-four-year-long Indonesian occupation are rarely articulated in narratives of suffering. Instead, the highlanders emphasize the significance of their return to the sacred land of the...

Cultures at War
The Cold War and Cultural Expression in Southeast Asia
The Cold War in Southeast Asia was a many-faceted conflict, driven by regional historical imperatives as much as by the contest between global superpowers. The essays in this book offer the most detailed and probing examination to date of the cultural dimension of the Cold War in Southeast Asia. Southeast Asian culture from the late 1940s to...

A.U.A. Language Center Thai Course
Book 1
J. Marvin Brown
The set includes extensive grammar, dialogues, and conversations, as well as tone distinction, manipulation...

A Sarong for Clio
Essays on the Intellectual and Cultural History of Thailand—Inspired by Craig J. Reynolds
Conceived as a tribute to an innovative scholar, dedicated teacher, and generous colleague, it is this volume's ambition to make a concerted intervention on Thai historiography and Thai...

Friends and Exiles
A Memoir of the Nutmeg Isles and the Indonesian Nationalist Movement
Des Alwi
Des Alwi tells of his childhood on the eastern Indonesian island of Banda, where he was befriended and adopted by the two nationalist leaders, Mohammad Hatta and Sutan Sjahrir, exiled there by the Dutch colonial regime. He describes his experiences...

Cambodian Literary Reader and Glossary
Cambodian-English Glossary contains over 8,800 words. Originally published by Yale University...

Intermediate Spoken Vietnamese
Tran Trong Hai, Franklin E. Huffman

The Hadrami Awakening
Community and Identity in the Netherlands East Indies, 1900–1942
Natalie Mobini-Kesheh
A ground-breaking study of the Hadrami community in Indonesia. The book considers the evolution of Indonesian Arab identity in the context of the rise of nationalism throughout Southeast Asia during the early...

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