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Lumumba's Iconography in the Arts
It is no coincidence that a historical figure such as Patrice Emery Lumumba, independent Congo's first prime minister, who was killed in 1961, has lived in the realm of the cultural imaginary and occupied an afterlife in the arts. After all, his project remained unfinished and his corpse unburied. The figure of Lumumba has been imagined through...

The Housing Project
Discourses, Ideals, Models, and Politics in 20th-Century Exhibitions
Throughout the twentieth century housing displays have proven to be a singular genre of architectural and design exhibitions. By crossing geographies and adopting multiple scales of observation – from domestic space to urban visions – this volume investigates a set of unexplored events devoted to housing and dwelling, organised by technical...

Sensorial Aesthetics in Music Practices
The Western history of aesthetics is characterised by tension between theory and practice. Musicians listen, play, and then listen more profoundly in order to play differently, adapt the body, and sense the environment. They become deeply involved in the sensorial qualities of music practice. Artistic practice refers to the original meaning of...

Futures of the Contemporary
Contemporaneity, Untimeliness, and Artistic Research
Futures of the Contemporary explores different notions and manifestations of "the contemporary" in music, visual arts, art theory, and philosophy. In particular, the authors in this collection of essays scrutinise the role of artistic research in critical and creative expressions of contemporaneity. When distinguished from "the contemporaneous"...

As German as Kafka
Identity and Singularity in German Literature around 1900 and 2000
Lene Rock
Countless literary endeavours by 'new Germans' have come into the spotlight of academic research since the turn of the 21st century. Yet 'minority writing' and its distinctive renegotiation of traditional concepts of cultural identity are far from a recent phenomenon in German literature. More than a hundred years ago, German-Jewish writers put...

Images of Immigrants and Refugees
Media Representations, Public Opinion and Refugees' Experiences
The topic of migration has become particularly contentious in national and international debates. Media have a discernable impact on overall societal attitudes towards this phenomenon. Polls show time and again that immigration is one of the most important issues occupying people's minds. This book examines the dynamic interplay between media...

Mapping Landscapes in Transformation
Multidisciplinary Methods for Historical Analysis
The development of historical geographical information systems (HGIS) and other methods from the digital humanities have revolutionised historical research on cultural landscapes. One of today's major challenges, however, concerns the concepts and tools to be deployed for mapping processes of transformation—that is, interpreting and imagining...

Brokers of Modernity
East Central Europe and the Rise of Modernist Architects, 1910–1950
Martin Kohlrausch
The first half of the twentieth century witnessed the rise of modernist architects. Brokers of Modernity reveals how East Central Europe turned into one of the re-eminent testing grounds of the new belief system of modernism. By combining the internationalism of the CIAM organization and the modernising aspirations of the new states built after...

Rester Catholique en France
L'encadrement religieux destiné aux migrants belgo-flamands du Lillois, de Paris et des campagnes françaises, 1850–1960
Henk Byls

"Disassembled" Images
Allan Sekula and Contemporary Art
"Disassembled" Images takes as a point of departure Allan Sekula's productive approach of disassembling elements in order to reassemble them in alternative constellations. Some of the most pressing issues of our time, such as human labor in a globalized economy or the claim for radical democracy, are recurrent themes in Sekula's oeuvre and are...

Knighthood and Society in the High Middle Ages
In popular imagination few phenomena are as strongly associated with medieval society as knighthood and chivalry. At the same time, and due to a long tradition of differing national perspectives and ideological assumptions, few phenomena have continued to be the object of so much academic debate. In this volume leading scholars explore arious...

The Leopard, the Lion, and the Cock
Colonial Memories and Monuments in Belgium
Matthew G. Stanard
The degree to which the late colonial era affected Europe has been for long underappreciated, and only recently have European countries started to acknowledge not having come to terms with decolonization. In Belgium, the past two decades have witnessed a growing awareness of the controversial episodes in the country's colonial past. This volume...

Una lingua morta per letterature vive
Il dibattito sul latino come lingua letteraria in età moderna e contemporanea (Atti del convegno internazionale, Roma, 10-12 dicembre 2015)

La transmission du savoir grec en Occident
Guillaume de Moerbeke, le Laur. Plut. 87.25 (Thémistius, in De an.) et la bibliothèque de Boniface VIII
Fabio Acerbi, Gudrun Vuillemin-Diem

Memory on My Doorstep
Chronicles of the Bataclan Neighborhood, Paris, 2015–2016
Sarah Gensburger

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