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Driving toward Modernity
Cars and the Lives of the Middle Class in Contemporary China
Jun Zhang

The Natural History of The Bahamas
A Field Guide
Dave Currie, Joseph M. Wunderle, Ethan Freid, David N. Ewert, D. Jean Lodge

Rethinking Diabetes
Entanglements with Trauma, Poverty, and HIV
Emily Mendenhall

Sovereignty Experiments
Korean Migrants and the Building of Borders in Northeast Asia, 1860–1945
Alyssa M. Park

Statecraft by Stealth
Secret Intelligence and British Rule in Palestine
Steven B. Wagner

Portraits of a Practice
Thomas Yarrow

The Credibility Challenge
How Democracy Aid Influences Election Violence
Inken von von Borzyskowski

When the Movies Mattered
The New Hollywood Revisited

Enlightenment and the Gasping City
Mongolian Buddhism at a Time of Environmental Disarray
Saskia Abrahms-Kavunenko
This timely and topical book is an exploration of how people strive to live with and make sense of a degraded urban environment. Drawing on her time spent in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, Saskia Abrahms-Kavunenko examines the relationships between Buddhist ideas and practices, chronic air pollution, and post-socialist economic uncertainties. Air...

To Shape Our World For Good
Master Narratives and Regime Change in U.S. Foreign Policy, 1900–2011
C. William Walldorf

The Accommodation of the British Army and the Coming of the American Revolution
John Gilbert McCurdy

Victory's Shadow
Conquest and Governance in Medieval Catalonia
Thomas W. Barton

Speaking Out in Vietnam
Public Political Criticism in a Communist Party–Ruled Nation
Benedict J. Tria Kerkvliet
Since 1990 public political criticism has evolved into a prominent feature of Vietnam's political landscape. So argues Benedict Kerkvliet in his analysis of Communist Party-ruled Vietnam. Speaking Out in Vietnam assesses the rise and diversity of these public displays of disagreement, showing that it has morphed from family whispers to...

The Next Frontier of Restaurant Management
Harnessing Data to Improve Guest Service and Enhance the Employee Experience

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