Southeast Asia Program Publications


Beyond Oligarchy
Wealth, Power, and Contemporary Indonesian Politics
Southeast Asian Studies
Ruth McVey, Craig J. Reynolds, Ruth T. McVey
Indonesia Journal
October 2018
Indonesia Journal
April 2018
The Revolution Falters
The Left in Philippine Politics after 1986

Other recent titles
Fifty Years in the Karen Revolution in Burma
The Soldier and the Teacher
Ralph, Sheera
The Republic of Vietnam, 1955–1975
Vietnamese Perspectives on Nation Building
Activists in Transition
Progressive Politics in Democratic Indonesia
Rebel Politics
A Political Sociology of Armed Struggle in Myanmar's Borderlands
David Brenner
Scandal and Democracy
Media Politics in Indonesia
Mary E. McCoy
Hamka and Islam
Cosmopolitan Reform in the Malay World
Khairudin Aljunied
Cultures at War
The Cold War and Cultural Expression in Southeast Asia
The Politics of Despotic Paternalism
Thak Chaloemtiarana
Cambodia's Second Kingdom
Nation, Imagination, and Democracy
Astrid Noren-Nilsson
Friends and Exiles
A Memoir of the Nutmeg Isles and the Indonesian Nationalist Movement
Des Alwi
Views of Seventeenth-Century Vietnam
Christoforo Borri on Cochinchina and Samuel Baron on Tonkin
Samuel Baron, Christoforo Borri
Intermediate Spoken Vietnamese
Tran Trong Hai, Franklin E. Huffman
The Land of Gold
Post-Conflict Recovery and Cultural Revival in Independent Timor-Leste
Judith M. Bovensiepen
A.U.A. Language Center Thai Course
Book 1
J. Marvin Brown
A Sarong for Clio
Essays on the Intellectual and Cultural History of Thailand—Inspired by Craig J. Reynolds