Three Hills


Three Hills, a trade imprint of Cornell University Press, publishes smart, informative, entertaining, and provocative books about New York State and the Northeast. From history to unusual hobbies, politics to pop culture, the environment to the economy, sports to tourist spots, Three Hills covers the Empire State, its people and heritage, Cornell University, and much more.

Thomas Cole's Refrain
The Paintings of Catskill Creek
H. Daniel Peck
Brooklyn Before
Photographs, 1971–1983
Elizabeth Seton
American Saint
Catherine O'Donnell
Dagger John
Archbishop John Hughes and the Making of Irish America
John Loughery
Forever Faithful
Celebrating the Greatest Moments of Cornell Hockey
Jim Roberts
And the Sparrow Fell
A Novel
Robert J. Mrazek
Women Will Vote
Winning Suffrage in New York State
Susan Goodier, Karen Pastorello
Crossing Broadway
Washington Heights and the Promise of New York City
Robert W. Snyder
The Angola Horror
The 1867 Train Wreck That Shocked the Nation and Transformed American Railroads
Charity Vogel, Charity A. Vogel